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Monday, October 20, 2008

Sample Introductory Paragraphs

As I watched the final few minutes of the film Into the Wild adapted and directed by Sean Penn (2007), my heart began to sink and a knot developed in my throat. My nose grew stuffier as I fought back all the new tears that ran down my face. The film had thrown me a curve ball, and I was not ready for it. The feeling of total disappointment began to envelope my thoughts. After having traveled so far and ostensibly learned so much, Chris McCandless' meets his fate in the most unimaginable of ways. Read entire post

In her book Simple Wisdom for Rich Living Oseola McCarty outlines the philosophy that helped her through a lifetime of hard work, loneliness and hardship. Born into poverty in 1908 Mississippi McCarty worked almost 80 years as a washerwoman and amassed a $280, 000 fortune. In early 1995 she gave away most of it to the University of Southern Mississippi. In August 18-year old Stephanie Bullock received the first Oseola McCarty Scholarship. “Miss McCarty had made sure that others would have the education she was denied.” xiii Read entire post

When my youngest son was born, as a shower gift I received a double stroller one that I referred to as "the blue limo" because it comfortably accommodated both my boys who were two and half years apart. The stroller also housed all the necessary items in its ample trunk and sported a really cool sunroof. When my friend got married a few years later, I packed "the limo" in my minivan van and headed off with my husband and boys to the church and later to the reception. Read entire post

Why do you write? Yes, you. Quickly don't think about it. Why do you write? No, I don't mean why do you write when you have to write. I mean why do you write when you want to write? Still no answer? Wait. There it is; you have it. If you do not yet have "it," do not worry. Spend the rest of the day thinking about it and you will discover a reason sooner or later. Read entire post


  1. Mar -- This is an excellent way of giving examples of attention-getting introductory paragraphs while also directing readers to some fine posts!

    Hope you are well, not too busy, and still enjoying your power naps.


  2. Hi my dear friend - it's a bit like coming home when I come here. You are my longest and oldest online friend (not age, but time wise). How amazing is that?!! Very for me. I couldn't have started with a kinder, more helpful person. And here we still are going at it. :)

    I am going to reread you Chris McCandless post and try and comment. I was very tired the day I read it, but having spent years of my life in remote areas, and even a short time in Alaska, I very much related to that story.

    Hope you are doing well and settling to the school year. My sweetheart went to South Africa for free (with college) for two weeks. Very exciting. And of course I'm getting every thing ready for my book. It's weird the closer I get the the more tense it seems to be. But then I've heard that's the way it.

    Hugs and love to you, Rob

  3. I don't know anything about anything, but I don't like the "why do your write..." example.

  4. Wow. You are inspiring. Thank You.

  5. thatnk you very much......but i stil dont get it

  6. i don't know why you don't show how to do the attention getter and background information, thesis topic +your opinion i hope you try to show how ti do it. thanks i am your fan!

  7. Your 'why do we write' would not do for most essays, as they are formal. The blunt informality of this paragraph makes it slightly unhelpful.


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