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Monday, October 13, 2008

Power Naps

I know many of you are wondering where I am and some of my good friends have even emailed me to ask if I am alright. Rest assured I am fine. With a full load of classes this term, new students, new projects and of course family life, I must admit at some point my batteries just discharge. So instead of blogging, reading and writing for the past few weeks, I chose to grade a plethora of essays and then nap every afternoon. :)

My grandmother turns 100 in a few weeks. She eats everything and anything she likes. God bless her! She listens to the radio and sings along. But most importantly she has always enjoyed her afternoon naps. And so, hoping that I carry a few of my grandmother's "magic" genes, in the afternoons after the boys arrive from school and eat and I grade a few papers, I ardently seek the large comfortable chair in the family room for a few hours. Nothing disturbs my slumber, not the television, not the boys walking in out of the house, not my husband and most certainly not Woody who sits quietly by my side. For a couple of hours, I drift into a deep restful sleep, so deep I don't remember my dreams. When I awake, my body and mind are free and ready to begin again. Thank God for power naps...

**I received something special in the mail a few days ago that I hope to soon share.

Best wishes being sent out to you all...right now...


  1. Power naps are good. I try to take naps after long days of classes because I get restless and drain all of my energy and effort into college as a whole. Thanks for sharing this story. I enjoyed reading it.

  2. It is wonderful your Grandmother is turning 100 soon! Maybe she could share some of her memories?
    I also enjoy a short power nap. It does wonders.
    Have a great week.

  3. I was actually wondering about you yesterday. Nice to see that you're are doing well. :)
    Your naps sound lovely, and kudos to your grandmother!

  4. Naps are delicious! And they are our right to take! The best ones are when it is raining, windows open, the sound... beautiful. One of the simple pleasures, truly. Viva la siesta!

  5. No enough can be said about the power of changing ones routine, getting away from the everyday, and taking a break from the addiction that is blogging.


  6. Good to have you back Mar! Sorry that I haven't been by as often. Been putting out "fires" and trying to keep my head above water. Congratulations! Good for your grandmother for reaching that milestone. Many more pleasant dreams to you. Yes, power naps are the best! I have just gotten a renewed appreciation for them. Thank you for sharing. Missed you much - Nards

  7. Mrs.Cueto, trust me when i say" we all need power naps" in some-ways,or another :D !!!!
    power naps come in handy when your a teacher/student. Those who attend school full-time (like myself) are in need of power naps espcially when you committ yourself to school for so many years, thats great you take power naps its a rejuvenater :D

  8. power naps are helpful to anyone with a busy schedule! Professors and full-time students who committ themselves to alot of work or classes that require time ;needs "power-naps" they rejuvenate a person with a busy day;needless to say, they make a teacher go about their day easier & relaxing ! :D

  9. I love power naps although I don't get to take them any more but I used to when my son was at school.
    Just like Pam suggested, I'd also like to learn more about your almost 100 year old Grandmother.

  10. Hey Mar. In college, we used to define a "power nap" as being 20 mins. long. Like you, though, my power naps lasted for a couple of hours as well. I'm all about naps. Sometimes we need to allow ourselves to be re-aligned with the Universe through stillness and rest. Many blessings Mar. Have a restful day.

  11. Happy birthday to your grandma (in Cuba?). Would like to sing her a happy birthday song, but that would wake you up from your much-needed nap. So I'll do it silently. Nice to see your words on the screen again.

  12. Thanks for the visit Kelvin, Jessica, Cassy, Miracle, Mike, Miracle and Nardeesims

    I never thought there were so many power nappers out there! I thought I was the only one! hahaha

    Hi Pam and Mountain Woman

    You both know more about my grandmother than you think. Perhaps I have already written about her????

    Hi Dexter

    Always nice to see you here. Another power napper? I knew we shared much in common.

    Hi Buzzingj

    Thank you for the good wishes. (My grandmother has lived here in the states for 28 years.)

  13. Oh you're welcome for the visits, Prof. Cueto. It is always good to come by and read what you have to tell the Internet world. I hope you are wrapping up the this long week (at least for me) and ready for the weekend. PARTY TIME!

  14. Sir Winston Churchill took a nap everyday while he was Prime Minister of England during WW2. He mentions this in his book "The Gathering Storm", volume 1 of his six volume "The Second World War." I guess you could say that napping helped win the war and save the world!

  15. Hi dear Mar,

    I loved this post. I too have been away so much, but unfortunately not power napping, but doing massive book related work. BUT I know from how I feel lately that I am going to have to try this power napping again. I've never been good at it. I'm a light sleeper and seem to need endless time in front of me if I want to fall asleep during the day. My husband can do it at the drop of a hat...even for 10 minutes, and does it on his office floor between classes and meetings. He also lays down at night hits the bed and is out cold within 1 minute. I can take 1/2 hour to an hour to get to sleep. Nonetheless I am still going to start doing it again as I am working SUCH long long days that I need the extra sleep. So thank you for this important reminder.

    I think of you often and am sending love "right now". Hugs, Robin :)


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