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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Top 5 Inspirational Blogs: April Reviews

Alphabetical Order

  • Articles of Intent If you are a fan of the "Law of Attraction," or if you want more insight, this blog can get you started. The blogger regularly gathers articles and provides easy to read tips and suggestions to improve your life. The message is positive, and he encourages dialogue via comments.

  • Blessings From Above This blog relaxes and soothes all my senses, first with the lovely music, then with her words and finally with her photos. She also includes suggestions and helpful hints to raise my spirits. Finally,her posts remind me to appreciate my life and the life of those around me.

  • Inspire Urself and Motivate Others In this blog, there are numerous inspirational resources such as quotes, affirmations and poems. You will also discover links, practical suggestions and exercises. And, if you are hungry for solutions, you will find those here, too. The blogger dedicates every square inch of space to spreading an inspirational message to the world.

  • Life on a Southern Farm Using stories and photos, this blogger draws me into her world. If you enjoy stories of courage and determination, you will find them here. If you love the land and your family, you will feel at home as you navigate through her world.

  • Live Passionately! You will find tips and suggestions, exercises, quotes and inspiring entries throughout this blog. The message is, live, live and do it with intensity. The blog is uplifting, pragmatic and inviting. I recommend a cup every morning before heading out the door.


  1. Thank-you so much for the nice review. I feel the same way when I visit you here. You have a gift of inspiring people.

  2. Thank you so much. Interacting with people like you make it easy for me to stay in a positive mood. I should be thanking you for the inspiration. So...Thank You! Many blessings!


  3. There's some useful list for me here... thanks... and nice review...

  4. Thank you My Dear Friend.Got motivated by your words in my shout box.
    "Live in every moment"
    "Together We Can Win"
    "Inspire Yourself & Motivate Others"

    Your Blog makes me fearless in my upcoming tasks.

    You made my day adorable my dear friend.

    Joyful Day..!!

  5. A nice list, thank you.

    I know you have an interest in writing so it would be interesting to read your own opinions/experience of writing an inspirational blog -- which would help others who are trying to do the same.

    thanks for being there.


  6. thanks for this interesting list. I know you have an interest in writing so it would be interesting to read your experiences of /opinions on writing an inspirational blog -- which would help others trying to do the same.

    thanks for being there,

  7. Thanks again for the nice review on my Blessings from Above blog. I really enjoy your blog as well. I have your listed under my blogroll as a favorite blogger. Would you be interested in being a guest blogger on my blog? That would be great. Please let me know if you are interested.


  8. I'm amazed at you because you are of
    the most inspirational person who have done a lot for the world, and you have a good clean soul.Thank you
    for sharing your 5 reviews with me.
    This is a beautiful writing.



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