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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Look What I Caught!

Just a day in the life of a fisherman......

Continuing with the fishing theme here are a few photos of past expeditions. Sorry but the weather here is too beautiful not to think about rods, boats and bait..... Hope you enjoy.

Off the west coast of Florida........


Off the Florida Keys.......


Hoping to go fishing, my youngest son prepared his rods last week. However, baseball practice has consumed our time for the past few months. We basically live at the parks. Sometimes, I contemplate just bringing a suitcase and just camping out. Why leave when I will be back a few hours later..... It may sound that I am complaining, but I am not. In fact, I love being at the park with the kids. I love the game, the smell of the red mud and the grass. Watching the umpires walk across the field, yell out "strike" or even argue with the coaches delights me. Then, when either of my sons walks on to the field or stands at the batting box, boy mom feels proud. What my eyes see and my heart feels is "priceless."

With little league baseball season coming to a close next month, we hope to have our weekends back. And!



  1. Hello Saw what you caught...
    Lucky you-No other words!
    Good night :)

  2. Great pictures!

    My husband can't wait until our son is old enough to go fishing.

  3. I love fishing. In a past life I was a match angler and fished in lots of competitions and won a few too!

  4. Sounds like Fishing and baseball is enjoyed by the entire family. When any activity is enjoyed by all, I think it should be embraced as often as possible!
    Besides who can blame you..the warm Florida weather demands one's time be spent outdoors...enjoying life!

  5. Looks like some good fishermen in the family there.
    My guys caught some bass,bream, and crappies out of our pond this week and talk about good eating....
    Enjoyed the pictures. I'll have to show them to my fishermen.

  6. Such a wonderful post, made me chuckle. I grew up on a lake in Maine and we all fished and I remember when we gutted them for frying, we would ask my mom, "What is this part?" "Oh that's his liver, that's its air sac, that's the heart" and so on. Mom had a masters degree in biology and knew all the parts of the fish, so we had a biology lesson as well. This whole post reminded me of my childhood on the lake; I could actually smell the slippery fish and hear water slapping the shore. And I believe that whenever possible we should get out doors in the sun and water. It's a great life.

  7. Wow you got big fish.Enjoy your life with fantastic activity. Cheers Franx

  8. Those are great pictures and I know that it's just psycological because I'm allergic and I see fish in hand my hands are real itchy! Lol! :)

  9. I love fishing Because my favorite seafood is fish.Mmmmm when I saw These fish, They made me hungry.

    From: Evodie

  10. Interesting, I have never fished this kind of fish before. This is just awesome!


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