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Monday, April 7, 2008

Going Fishing

It may be spring in other parts of the United States, but in South Florida, it is summer time also known as "I am going fishing" time. Our rods are ready to go! Our favorite destination spot is the Florida Keys around Islamorada. The water is crystal clear and the abundance of fish reminds us that we are so fortunate to live just a few hours north. We have fished pompano, snapper, grouper, grunt, yellow tail, barracuda and many more. A few miles off shore, the water is so clear, you can see the white sandy bottom. Yes, it is this blue....

Here we have the occasional camp out on the shore. This is what we call roughing it......

These photos were taken on the west coast of Florida off of Sanibel and Captiva Islands. We did not catch much that day. The water was murky and on the shore of some of the smaller islands we saw red tide. (See aerial photo of red tide approaching the shore) We could not even go swimming. We caught a few large catfish, but threw them back. It was an experience nonetheless, and the boys pretended to be captains of their own ship for the day. No matter what, we were fishing.....

Fishing for sharks, very big sharks, on Sanibel Island.... Life is goooooood.......

What are some of your favorite fishing spots?


  1. My husband and I love to fish! We've never been to Sanibel or Captiva, but my husband spent the majority of his childhood going to Sanibel for summer vacation. :)

  2. I spent the best of my life fishing the great North East. I grew up on the Roundout creek that outlets in the Hudson River. I love fresh water fishing. Small mouth bass, Large mouth bass, Trout, Striper's and Catfish of all kinds are my favorite.

    I am getting ready for Trout season with my 12 year old son who by the way has the passion.

    My latest has been fishing the Delaware River for Channel Cat and Striper's near Philadelphia.

    Thanks for this post. I could talk about fishing all day.

  3. So jealous. I haven't gone fishing since we found I was having allergic reactions to fish & seafood.

  4. I don't 'fish' myself...but I will happily eat any that comes my way!
    ..How beautiful and tranquil these surroundings appear to be...makes me long to visit the ocean!
    Thanks for sharing this very relaxing post!!

  5. We love to fish also. Matter of fact my husband and sons have gone fishing to Tybee Island right now. I stayed home with the biddies, Jack, Annie and the goats. My turn next time.

  6. I moved from SW Florida almost two years ago up to GA. I do miss the water, walks on the beach, the variety of birds and other animal life, but now I have mountains and another whole world to explore.


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