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Friday, April 11, 2008

The Sky is the Limit!

Take a look at this picture. Spend a few seconds just observing the shapes of the white clouds, blue sky and green trees below. How does this make you feel?

As I drive home sometimes, I find my eyes drifting off into the distance. Sometimes the sun is setting and the sky glows in different shades of yellow, orange and red. At that moment, I gaze in pure wonder for a split second as if it were the first time I have seen a sunset. Other times the clouds form shapes and without losing site of the cars in front of me, I discover elephants, ice cream cones or shoes floating in the air. For about two miles, I drive through a section of highway decorated by trees and vacant land. No buildings or homes obstruct my view to the west. The cows graze in the fields as the hawks, crows and vultures circle overhead. Sometimes I roll my windows down and inhale hoping to smell the earth.

Marveling at the beauty, I sigh and praise God's glory. No matter what may have transpired during the day, worries vanish from my mind at that moment and I feel this amazing peace within me that seldom emerges when I am moving so fast. In my car alone, quiet and awake, I move slowly... The lines on the road remind me to pay attention, slow down and look around, so I obey. While others rush by me, I savor my drive.


  1. I do the same. I remember one day years ago when I lived in Illinois. Gray, dreary winter skies didn't share sunshine for days--almost a month. And yet God reminded me that that gray was my favorite color of eye shadow. I stopped moping and started to see the beauty God created. And when the sun shined again I relished it all the more.


  2. Mme. Fearless...just what I needed to hear this evening. What insight. - Nards

  3. In the bright blue sky, the white clouds and also in the green trees, I see the glory of God. It's amazing to
    see the marveling beauty created by God. I put it on my cell.

    From: Evodie

  4. Hello dear Marcueto,
    Marveling at the beauty, you sigh and praise God's glory.Me too. I really like your personel stories, and i'm interested in deep-deep in the sky too(Space beauties God created)Today my membership ended,because i couldn't support Blog Catalog,(i don't use Credit cards)Hope to see you again, best wishes...Mine

  5. I used to, as a child, lay on a blanket to watch the clouds. That usually happened during a picnic.

  6. We should take time to look around us to see God's beauty everyday, whether in the car, the house, or wherever. And now is the perfect time since it's spring. All my pretty daffodils and tulips welcome me home everyday and the precious bunnies are starting to hop around. I am sensing babies soon! :)


  7. Oh yes. One of my favorite things is looking at clouds and seeing the shapes arrange into something wonderful. Imagination is a great gift.
    Cloud gazing is a great way to relax and it is free for the taking.

  8. What is it? The airiness? Emptiness? The all-encompassing sensation? The feeling of total involvement with nature? What?

    The skies, as a breathtaking feature of Mother Nature's raw beauty, are never better exemplifed than in the state of Montana, Big Sky country. Here, for rapturous entertainment at dusk you have only to sit back in your lawn chair and lazily roll your eyes skyward, in dreamy confluence with flaming reds, oranges, deep purples, and all the pastels of the entire color spectrum.

    Pacifying, tranquilizing, sleepifying. It brings heaven to earth. And, seemingly, dreamily, readies you for the ascent.

  9. Something about trees in shadow and lots of sky that I really love :)

    Thanks Fearless!

  10. I love the glow of the setting sun. The sun sets in the back of my house into my dining room painted a warm orange. In this beautiful light that is cast I have to stop what I'm doing and literally 'dance'..spinning softly...trying to absorb its glow.
    Thanks for reminding me of the simple things I love...

  11. I love taking long slow walks every weekend to admire the natural beauty of everything around me.

    I like to find tiny flowers struggling to grow on cracks at the side of the road. I love the feeling of being big and alive yet small and part of something beyond my comprehension.

    Beautiful entry. :)

  12. Namaste' fearless! I often wonder what it is like to look at a tree and think "oh it's just a tree," or "those are just clouds."

    I have been with a few people where I will get all excited and point to the clouds, and say "look!" and have them only to exclaim "okay... what? they are *just* clouds" ...well "NO they are NOT *just* clouds" I will say.

    I see the sky daily, but to me it is NEVER *Just* the same sky, I see that sky as if for the first time each time, every day from sun rise to sunset it changes, like emotions within us can, it can be lighted up with joy, or passion, hunger, or insight, or...

    a tree consistently changes from season to season and year to year as it grows. I never look at *anything* as *JUST* anything.

    I would not want to miss the greatest shows on earth occurring, we all have front row seats to those shows.

    THANK YOU! for your wonderful post.




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