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Sunday, April 13, 2008

The Spot

My husband always finds a way to make an unintended but yet unusual catch when he goes fishing. This past weekend, he hooked two eels, but only threw one back in the water. We catch and release all fish unless we plan to eat them, so eels are no exception to this rule. However, one of the eels managed to suffocate itself with the fish line, so by the time my husband untangled the line, it was dead. Knowing my husband and his incredible love for all animals, had it been possible and had the eel not had such big teeth, my husband might have even considered mouth to mouth resuscitation to save it.
Before heading to the keys, we first made our way over to Jack's, a common stop for us on our way down US 1. As the guys bought bait, it began to rain and I feared the day would be ruined. Luckily for us 30 minutes later the skies cleared, and we continued our trip singing to our favorite Pearl Jam, Guns n' Roses and Creed songs. Finally, we arrived at "our usual spot." However, we discovered that it was inhabited by a few individuals who had failed to formally request the spot and had now usurped what my youngest considered his and only his. Much to my young son's dislike, we therefore had to find another location nearby. Woody, our dog, usually circles an area, sniffs it and then decides it's acceptable before he sits or sleeps. Well, we do the same thing, except for the sniffing part, when it comes to a fishing spot on the ocean or on shore. The "spot" on shore must meet several requirements . First, we require trees, for the mangroves shelter us from the sun and if we want to do some bird watching, a tree serves as a great perch. We need a clear area to throw the rods without interference, and of course we need a place to tie Woody so he won't run away never to be found again. We spend the day fishing, eating and occasionally napping under the trees, but we know it is time to vacate the premises once the mosquitoes arrive and announce, "we're here!" No amount of repellent or clothing can protect our skin from their menacing bites. With the mosquitoes comes the darkness, and unless there is a full moon or plenty of lanterns and flashlights, it is pitch dark. The rocks along the shore become very dangerous traps for the inexperienced rock traveler. Chances are one of us will trip and fall; just look at our knees and elbows for the traces of those unforeseen mishaps. As we pack up our gear and try to wash off the distinct fishy smell from our hands, we sit in the truck tired, sun burned, sticky and stinky.
During the voyage home, we play trivia games, discuss the solar system or American history until my youngest falls asleep. Because the oldest never falls asleep, at some point during the two hour trip my husband or I kindly change the subject; otherwise he would ask question after question or give us a whole lesson on the difference between protons, neutrons and electrons. After much insistence, he quiets down and allows us to hear a little Elton John music as we see the light at the end of the tunnel. For us, the light is a big green sign that points to the Florida Turnpike and will take us north. The dog sits next to my husband and sighs because he knows we are going home.


  1. You are building such fantastic memories, not only for you, but your children! Keep it up!

  2. It sounds like a wonderful time. You won't realize how much you miss those days until the boys are grown. I know. We use to have days like that. Now we have different days with grown sons and grandchildren. Still nice, just not as often.
    Cherish it. It goes by so fast.
    Great pictures. Nice fish and eel story too.

  3. This day sounds perfect..relaxing and comforting ..being spent with your family. I like that your husband would have tried to save the eel if possible!
    The photographs are great! The water looks so inviting and even Woody looks relaxed.
    The ocean is so very far from me..but boy do I miss it..
    Thanks for sharing this...

  4. Oh I love to spend days like that too. My husband's family love fishing, especially my father in law, most of the time we go to Key Largo. My father in law owns a fishing boat and we spent a lot of quality time togeter, we are planing to go this weekend. What you are doing is wonderful; days like that are a life time gift to your family.
    Geisa Gonzalez.

  5. It was these kind of days in my childhood that forged my whole character. They are the thing I remember most from my youth. It is a HUGE gift that you give yourself and your children. They will NEVER forget it. It becomes part of them. Bless you!

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  7. The purpose of the family vacation is to reconnect as a family, relax and rejuvenate.I see How you enjoy your wonderful time with your family. It is a good example for me. When I have my husband, I will spend a lot of time with him.Oh yes! I hope so.

  8. The purpose of the family vacation is
    to reconnect as a family,relax and rejuvenate. I see how you enjoy with your family. It is a good example for
    me. When I have my husband, I will spend a lot of time with him. Oh yes! I hope so.


  9. Namaste' I loved seeing the picture in your other post of the shark. I wrote a long response there but after posting it, it erred out and I lost it, but I love sharks it was great seeing that lil shark, and eels? my goodness I cannot imagine seeing them. They are cool creatures too.

    That made me laugh though hearing that about your husband, sounds like me and my koi fish save one day, I'll have to write a blog on that I did everything but mouth to mouth and though it tooks hours I saved that fish!!!!! hahahaha complete with pics.

    I like woody, he always makes me smile when I see pics of him, that dog has a real energy that just jumps from his pics. :0)

    This was just a lovely family post.

    P.S good taste in music too, I felt those vibes!




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