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Sunday, March 2, 2008

The Fearless Spirit of a Man and Woman

Imagine yourself alone in another country not your own, and then imagine not speaking that language. You have nothing but the clothes you are wearing and a willingness to begin again. There are no friends or family to lend a helping hand, and all you have ever owned, known and loved is far away never to be seen again. Now imagine no money, no form of transportation and no home. How would you feel? Despair? Anguish? Hopelessness? Or would you feel inspiration? Excitement? Joy? I can't even imagine what I would feel, but I know what one man and woman felt as they built their lives all over again. They felt pain and sadness and then they felt hope and joy, for their fearless spirit could not be silenced. To have such boldness, such pride, such willingness to succeed even when the world around them seemed so bleak and foreign can only be described as admirable. Their greatest accomplishment was not the wealth or the things they collected through the years. It was not the stuff that collected dust, mold or rust that mattered most to them; they had had these things before, so losing them again would be insignificant. What mattered most, what was cherished most was their freedom, accomplishing freedom not just for themselves but those they would one day leave behind. Freedom, their greatest accomplishment, would be their legacy, for once gone all that is left is what is left. Although they tiptoed in and out of my life in seconds, though they were years, this man and woman have forever left their mark in me. How can I, one that has been so blessed with so much, honor their courage and sacrifice? It is quite simple. I must remember, remember always when I did not have all that I have now. Freedom allows me to "be" fearless. It allows me to accomplish anything I want, to be anything I want and to have anything I want. Freedom makes me rich, rich in life. Without freedom I would have nothing. I would be nothing. The fearless spirit is quiet, calm and observant. It calculates, investigates and challenges. It does not bow down or fold; it does not run and it does not hide. The fearless spirit chooses to live...


  1. I love it! I think blogger is acting up I don't know if I can post

  2. thank you for this encouraging post.

    it is the love of freedom that motivates me to fight against oppresion. because of freedom i become fearless, and i will fight for my country's liberation from a politics of gangsterism. my father was one of the victims of extrajudicial executions here in the philippines. so when you read in my posts at spirituality page my harsh words against the government, it is because my father was a victim. and i am a victim too.

    and because of this post, i am encouraged to fight for freedom.

  3. Namaste' THANK YOU!!!!!! metta!!! You TRULY understand. And more than that, enough so that you allow yourself to not forget that significant lesson, and to honor such.

    Fear can be our ally, or it can be our foe. Fear knows no limitations, or boundaries, it may be a surprise guest, or an expected, anticipated, even a welcomed one. (It is easy to become almost comfortable amidst varied fears, and thus even *fearful* to leave the fears behind)

    It is how we take such an ego, and like any ego emotion allow it to paralyze and become a destructive force, or to evolve and become a constructive one.

    We were born with all of who we are for reason, to lose purpose is to grow apathetic. It truly is a wondrous world. I thank you for this journey you brought us on here in this post.

  4. I so agree that the spirit must be fearless. I am very thankful for having the freedom part also.
    Life shows and teaches us valuable lessons through the lives of others.

  5. Fantastic post- I love the degree of emotion you impart in teh narrative, and the depth to which you feed the meaning into the mind of the reader- Great piece = )

  6. Thank you Shirley. Your opinion means a lot to me my friend.

    Thank you too Kebelle. Your words are also very encouraging to me. :)

    Thank you Sky. After careful review of your blog, I realized how "special" your life is and I know "you know" that already. You are a "fearless spirit" and you do what many of us only dream about doing.

    Be blessed my friends.


  7. Hi Gafarmgirl

    Thanks for stopping by and posting. I am always interested in your point of view. :)

  8. Thanks BT

    Having read your work, your commentary is much appreciated.
    :) Mar


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