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Thursday, August 6, 2009

What kind of spider is this?

I found this big brown spider hiding between rocks along the Linville River in North Carolina. The spider's body was about 2 inches long and the legs spread out about 4 inches. Might it be a wolf spider? Does anyone know?


  1. Looks like it could be a wolf spider. Did it have long fangs? Can't really tell from this photo. If so - I would definitely say it is.

  2. Yes that looks like a wolf spider, but banana tree spiders get real big too. I chased one once, on our back porch, it was as big as my daughters foot. Ugh, I didn't get it though. I think I scared it enough to not come back.

  3. It could be a wolf spider or just a brown spider, we get those in our house, they are huge and disgusting.

  4. My husband took a picture from a different angle, and the fangs do show. I too think it is a wolf spider. By the way, my husband deep sea dives and has swam with the sharks off the Florida coast and the only creature he guessed it...spiders! Spiders are everywhere here in the mountains of the Carolinas, so he walks through the woods with great caution! The bugs don't bother me though...well except for the roaches. However, I have never seen roaches in the woods up here yet.

    Thank you all for the feedback.

  5. Hello,

    I live in Wilmington, NC and while I haven't seen them, my daughter lives on the other side of town and said her neighbor's house and grounds have tons of spiders and they have a few that look like what you are describing. The ones they have are new to this country, called "Banana spiders" because they seem to have arrived here from other countries in banana shipments. Might be interesting to look them up online!

    Anyway, just a little thought.



  6. That SURE doesn't look like our New York wolf spiders, holy cow! They only get as big as a quarter, and those are considered enormous.

  7. Thank you Maitri...banana spiders? I have never heard of those. I will look them up.

    Mrs. Mecomber...this was a very large spider and that's why I was not sure it was a wolf spider. I may need to keep looking for a match.

    Thanks for the visit ladies.


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