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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

What is in House Bill 3200?

I made an attempt to read House Bill 3200 today. After reading several pages, I realized that I needed an attorney to decipher the language.

However one very interesting and clear section within the proposed bill entitled REQUIRING INFORMATION TRANSPARENCY AND PLAN DISCLOSURE (Section 133, Paragraph 2, Pages 38-39) captured my attention.

I found Section 133, Paragraph 2, entitled PLAIN LANGUAGE, very easy to read and understand. Now, all I need is for House Representatives to employ the same "plain language" in their own bill writing endeavors.

Working Americans may not have the time or patience to read such a lengthy and incomprehensible document, yet I urge everybody to read it even if only piece by piece and with a legal reference book at hand. Then, I suggest a careful analysis; in particular please consider the laws of cause and effect.

If you have read and deciphered a particular section and would like to share your interpretation, please post it here. I ask that you focus on factual and concrete information based on the document itself.


  1. I actually plan on doing a post today. I have read 100 pages so far, of the House Bill, and others should too.

  2. Even if you do read it, there is so much based upon the interpretation of what is said.

    As an example, I received an email from a relative that talked about things in different sections and what the person writing it thought it said.

    Having followed the health care debate closely, I wrote my response to their interpretations.

    You can read their interpretations and my responses at Towards a More Serious Health Care Debate.

    Thoughts and comments are always appreciated.

  3. What? Read a bill for ourselves? I thought that's what we elected people to Congress for -- they do have our best interests at heart, right?

    What is actually a little scary is that there are a number of citizens who are more informed about that piece of legislation than people in the House and Senate are. That is a sad, sad state of affairs.

    I will take your advice, however, and make an attempt to read that thing. I am glad I've got a law degree -- maybe I'll understand the thing, even.

  4. Have you looked at the summary done by the Congressional Research Service? Try this link: If that doesn't work, you will find a link to the bill summary and status at (from the front page). It's also worth looking into a CRS report on it. In fact, here's a link to a CRS report on the private health insurance provisions of the bill:

    CRS is top-notch and non-partisan.

    From a former legislative librariann -- ME!

  5. Here is an imnteresting link.

  6. This is now 2012...........I am confused as to whether this bill ever passed or not.
    Did it ever pass both houses?
    Has it been signed by "president"?


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