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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Stormy Horse Ride in the Valley

After enjoying a Zipline adventure in the morning, my family and I headed to Dutch Creek Trails for an afternoon of horseback riding. With clear skies overhead on a very warm day, we sat by the creek and waited. Then, without notice a large dark cloud appeared over the mountains. Then another dark rain cloud formed and then another. Within seconds we stood under a playfully ominous storm that enjoyed kicking the dust and leaves in our face. Hesitantly, I agreed to ride.

Before heading out into the valley, the cold rain which poured from the sky had drenched my clothes and hair. Expecting a hot sunny day, I did not wear a jacket nor did I come prepared in any way for the soaking. The horses seemed spooked and that of course spooked me. I love horses and have grown comfortable riding, but I am by no means "a rider." Riding through muddy trails in the woods to the sound of thunder hinted at a little adventure heading our way. The most memorable moment for me came when my horse surprised me and took off into the woods in search of the other riders. He eventually slowed down and then stopped. Remarkably, I did not fall off the horse or panic. It was just me and the horse, and for a moment I really felt like "a country girl encased in city wrappings" as my friend Nards would say. In the end, I trusted the horse and he got me back to the barn safely.

If you are expecting me to tell you that we had a terrible time riding in the cold rain and that we regretted the "stormy" adventure, you are wrong. I laughed with excitement and felt wondrously free amongst the wild flowers, apple trees and lush green hillsides. Slipping and sliding down the hills, stopping to see the valley below and great conversation along the way provided us with a splendid afternoon.

I don't know what lies ahead of me or what role serendipity may play in my life. I do, however, know that I must allow for new opportunities, adventures and discoveries if I am to live a fulfilling life.


  1. A Zipline would like to hear more about that!!!!!!!!

    Your horse ride acutally sounds like fun even with the rain and mud...sometimes that is when we enjoy ourselves the most, when we can just let go of our regular thoughts and feelings and the need to be completely in control!

    New experiences should be a requirement of life!!!


  2. Thank you both for stopping by. And yes we had a great day...

    Zipped on a cable through the woods, over waterfalls, ponds and creeks...freaked out on first wire then it was smooth sailing..... 50-100 feet in the air at speeds of about 30 miles. I highly recommend everyone try it!

  3. I loved zip lining. What a thrill it was the one time I tried it.
    I have to say having a horse run off with you is scary and congratulations for keeping your balance and staying on.
    I agree with you about staying open to the possibilities of life, trying new things and never becoming complacent or stagnant.
    Loved the post!


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