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Sunday, August 2, 2009

Silence Overwhelms Me

After a very busy summer (one that has not included a lot of blogging) I must admit my heart craved a long restful break in my beloved Blue Ridge Mountains. The lush green trees, cool moist air and mountain peaks in the distance always welcome me home. The silence overwhelms me, so much so that I can hear the rapid beats of my heart, each breath that I take and my footsteps on the grass. No need for yoga or meditation; no need for power naps in the afternoon or tea to calm my nerves. My eyes consume God's greatness and I feed my soul with all that He created.

*photos taken at the foot of Grandfather Mountain in North Carolina


  1. Mar, I could just jump right into this picture! Serenity and peace at its best!

  2. Beautiful pictures. I'm glad that you were able to get away for a peaceful break:) It sounds wonderful there!

    Take care:)

  3. Lovely, peaceful photographs.

  4. Some times we need to go home...your photos are lovely, very inviting!!!

    Silence is a good thing...I often work in silence...doesn't allow distractions!!!

    Enjoy being home...


  5. Thanks for stopping by everybody...I am glad you all enjoyed the photos...more to come...

  6. Welcome back to the blogosphere - wuz wonderin' where you went! Nice pix

  7. Hi Bobo

    I am back... thanks for the visit.


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