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Friday, July 24, 2009

Harry Alford on The Factor

Harry Alford, the president & CEO of the National Black Chamber of Commerce, on how liberals treat Black conservatives.

"She loves poor black folks," says Alford referring to Barbara Boxer, United States Senator from California.

Interesting conversation..worth a 6 minute listen.


  1. I saw this episode, because I was curious as to what this man was so angry about. I still am not real clear why he was so mad, but it is clear that he does not like Ms Boxer

  2. Alford was right to be offended. Cap & Trade is not an issue of race it is an American issue. It's a tool against the coal industry that the wind turbine,natural gas and solar lobbyists support. The industry that currently produces 50% of our nations electricity and the very industry Senator Obama promised may go bankrupt under his presidency.


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