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Sunday, August 9, 2009

Home Is Where the Heart Is

Sitting on the edge of this cliff overlooking the mountains, I hear nothing but the wind. And when the wind speaks, it does so softly and without hesitation. I step along the muddy path as the trees shade me from the sun. No cars needed to travel to the top, only a good pair of hiking boots. No greed or jealousy here...all is free.



  1. An amazing photo...combined with your words it is very calming!

  2. you make me feel like I am there sharing the moment.

  3. How do you say goodbye to the wind, the trees, the mountains and, home?


  4. What a great photo and nice words. " is free"...I like that!

  5. Thank you all for the visit...Photos have a way of capturing special moments and expressing more than words alone.

    BJ it is hard to say goodbye to the wind, the trees and the mountains every time we head south back to Florida. A part of me remains behind and I find myself yearning to return as soon as I no longer see the majestic green peaks. Home is definitely where the heart is..I think anyway and my heart knows that I belong here. For now, I will have to settle for the short visits in the summer and winter. I look forward to the day when I call these mountains home "permanently."

  6. It was really a very calm moment. I have to consider meeting with nature one of these days where I can feel being free of any thoughts... thanks for the share!

  7. I am just blown away! I was scrolling down to see what all I've missed and then the photo of you alone on the rock looking out over a grand vista just ripped my heart out. It slammed into me with such power that I came to screeching halt in my scrolling. And then I read the words and am left stunned, with tears in my eyes. Oh Mar, your connection to Nature is deeply private and profound. I relate to that. For me this is your most powerful post. It really reflects your beautiful strong heart.

  8. Hi Jack and Robin

    My husband took this picture of me and didn't show it to me until we got back to the house. I could have sat there for hours...There are so many grand vistas up here; it is hard to find a ridge that does not showoff its splendor.


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