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Thursday, May 7, 2009

A Respite

No. I have not abandoned The Fearless Blog. I am on vacation, just a few days off between semesters. Although I am usually not much of a couch potato, this week my body requested a respite and I obliged. My brain also threw in the towel: no reading, no blogging, no deep thinking of any kind permitted. Yes. I am enjoying the "nothingness" that surrounds me....

(By the way, avoid cliches.) I wish I knew where to find the accent mark on the key board. Does anyone know where it is? :>) Really...I don't know.


  1. Your vacations sounds sooo nice. I need one of those also.
    Is that the accent mark on the ~` button under the Esc button?
    Enjoy your mini vacation and your weekend.

  2. The characters with accents (both acute and grave) are part of the extended ASCII character set. You access them holding down [Ctrl] and pressing the appropriate 3 digits [128 - 255] on the number pad of your keyboard.
    There are variations in the extended set, so it may not work as expected in some international settings.
    -- Chuck

  3. I think we all need to take some time to do absolutely nothing on occasion!


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