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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

TEA PARTY: Glenn Beck at the Alamo

In my previous post, I asked several questions regarding the TEA parties taking place today across the United States. At the beginning of his show today, Glenn Beck was kind enough to answer some of those questions.

According to Beck, the TEA Parties ARE NOT ABOUT
  • President Obama specifically or specific government parties
The TEA Parties ARE about
  • corrupt and lying politicians in Congress
  • a 12.8 trillion debt
  • the rule of law
  • irresponsible media
  • unions taking away secret ballots
  • understanding the tax code
Those Americans who participate or support the TEA Parties ARE NOT insane lunatics or extremist. We, me included, are Americans that actually "believe" in something. We want accountability and a positive future for our children.

Glenn shared the stage in San Antonio, Texas with entertainer Ted Nugent, actress and author Janine Turner and radio talk show host Pat Gray.

Ted Nugent who supplied the background music for the show explained that he was there representing many of the people who get up early, go to work and try to "be the best that you can be." Nugent expressed his concern for the general media who he claims is "allergic to logic."

Any brave and fearless people out there willing to exercise their first amendment right? I would love to hear from long as your comments contain specific support and refrain from personal attacks.

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  1. Thanks for the follow-up post! Yesterday got a little hectic for me, and I was only able to watch a few minutes from the TEA parties on the Fox News Channel. I was encouraged by what a saw. Larger than expected attendance, and what I saw was more about concern about the direction of our nation and national leadership than about hate and disrespect of persons.
    -- Chuck

    Do visit Secondary Roads today. Something awaits you there my friend.

  2. This should be bigger and better next year. I noticed that most of the news did not mention it to far in advance, otherwise many more would have showed up...including me.Hope all is well. LL

  3. Secondary

    FREEDOM OF SPEECH is "still" alive and well in this country...Thank God!!! The folks at these TEA parties were intelligent, passionate and loving United Statesmen exercizing their Constitutional rights in the most peaceful way.


    The mainstream media ignored what they apparently FEAR most: the truth and the pulse of a people that they continually choose to marginalize and ridicule because any common sense debate or discussion of facts would be too difficult.

    Yes, I agree...this is only the beginning. "They ain't seen nottin yet!!!!!"

    Thank you both for adding your comments.

  4. Awesome Tea Party! I was there in San Antonio and it was a wonderful time for all! Our voice was heard even if the media did not report it!

    Over 20,000 folks attended!


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