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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Blog Review: Secondary Roads

Secondary Roads

Secondary Roads is a blog I visit regularly. From the Sunday school lessons, to the Saturday songs, to personal stories, photos or poetry, this Michigan blogger provides his readers with an array of inspiring posts. For me, this blog projects such a soothing and caring feeling. So, if you want to visit a positive, uplifting and welcoming blog, this one is it!

The Fearless Blog is honored to accept several awards from Secondary Roads:

The Generosity Award

The I Heart Your Blog Award

And The Life is Grand Award


  1. Thanks for the nice words. As we say around here, "Muy agradecido." (Very much appreciated.)

    I enjoy my daily visits to this fearless blog.

    -- Chuck

  2. I also love Secondary Roads! It's always an enjoyable place to be.


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