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Saturday, April 4, 2009

Bill O'Reilly #1

The O'Reilly Factor 100th month at number in cable news!!!!!!!!!

3.4 million viewers a night in March

Congratulations Bill O'Reilly !!!!!!

Check out a book, a buck and a bag for the Wounded Warrior Project.


  1. I so love this guy, He is a matter of fact personality and he could care a less about being so called politically correct AND he does it with class.

    Have a very nice day~

  2. You are fearless after all, showing support for Bill O'Reilly. He is too honest for the liberal majority. I rather enjoy Lou Dobbs myself! The 3.4 million need to get out and vote next time. Perhaps the Grand Old Party can find us a viable candidate, let's HOPE.

  3. Hi Dorothy

    I am glad to hear that you too are an O'Reilly fan! The man has tremendous class, intelligence and courage. He is definitely the "No SPIN" man! Being politically correct is not always "politically correct" so I am quite comfortable with O'Reilly's straight shooting. Thanks for the visit...

    Hi Lorenzo

    You flatter me when you say I am fearless for supporting O'Reilly. Remember 62 million people did not vote for the democratic candidate, so I am sure many of the 3.4 who tune in every month to the Factor -me included- tried their best with what they had.

    "Too honest" for someone to handle???? Reminds me of the scene in A Few Good Men when Nicholson's character says "you can't handle the truth." If I had to choose between blissful ignorance and devastating truth, I choose truth...but then again I am not a liberal... :) Thanks so much Lorenzo for the visit.


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