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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Robin Easton: Tent Rocks

My good friend Robin Easton (from Naked in Eden Blog) recently posted a delightful video entitled Tent Rocks Ancient Wonder of New Mexico. Robin's photographs capture the natural beauty and mystery of this place as she plays her native American flute.

You will find much to explore as you travel with Robin through ancient ruins, forests paths and up mountain peaks. Click on her playlist, read her thoughtful and inspiring posts or watch and listen to a video that will transport you to magical places.


  1. Yes, Robin is wonderful! I'm so glad you highlighted her work.

    And I look forward to the end of your semester. :)

  2. Oh my word! I am so VERY honored. I came here to see what your were up to and find this. I am seninding you a huge hug and much love. It is late here and I am tired...and this made my whole night. You've no idea. Bless you, Robin

  3. I left a comment here a day or two ago, but maybe you are just running behind...not to worry. I just wanted to thank you from my heart. I was very touched when I came here and saw this, Mar. You are kindness personified. You always have been. I hope things are not as stressed for you as they are for my husband right now. He is just buried under giving exams and grading exams. He teaches both face to face classes and online classes. It's a stressful time right before Christmas. Know that I am thinking of you my dear long-time friend. Sending much love and kindness. Robin


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