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Monday, December 15, 2008

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!

This semester is coming to an end and yes I am swamped with final exams, essays to read, grades to submit and last minute problems to solve. I am sending this message out a bit early but if I don't send it out now it may not be sent at all. I am going home in a few days...the mountains are calling me...and I may not be able to get online for awhile.


You were a pleasure to work with this term. What a great group of people!!! We made mistakes and we learned. We shared music, art and stories. We laughed together and sometimes we even cried together. I wish only good things for all of you today and always and if you remember only one thing about my class, please remember this

Two roads diverged in the woods and I, I took the one less traveled by and that has made all the difference... R Frost


I often think of you all and my good wishes are "always being sent your way." During this holiday season, may you find great joy and peace surrounded by the people you love most in the world. I pray God's light shines your way and that all your dreams come true. I wish for you and your loved ones a long and healthy life, your first published book, a hit screenplay, the house of your dreams or the job of your dreams and for you a new laptop computer with fast access DSL. ( Ya'll can figure this out...right?)

Carpe Diem my friends...Carpe Diem!!!!

Merry Christmas and a Very Happy New Year!


  1. What a wonderful post! I wish the very same to you! :)

  2. Marlene,

    I am so lucky to have "met" you this year. Here's to a peaceful holiday and a wonderful 2009. I hope your mountain break is relaxing and wonderful.

    (And I'm pretty sure I figured it out! :) )


  3. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you! Enjoy your mountains!

  4. This is beautiful :D hope you & your family have a relaxed & well-deserved vacation!Hope the new year brings you happiness in all you do !

  5. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your family.
    Enjoy your time home.

  6. May your holiday and vacation bring much joy and happiness to punctuate a wonderful year, and mark the start of another even more colorful year.

    May all of us have the wisdom, courage and, of course, fearless spirit to face the good times and tough times of a challenging new year.

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

  7. What a wonderful message. Wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas and a new year filled with all the joy your heart can hold.

  8. Merry Christmas and a Happy new year too, to you and your family

  9. I didn't know that you were a teacher too ... guess I haven't been paying attention .. my bad :)

    Merry Christmas to you and yours

  10. Thank you dear Prof Cueto. I learned a lot with you. I which you many good things for the new year as well to your family. Merry christmas and happy happy new year.
    Geisa Gonzalez.

  11. Have a great holiday season, Mar. Loved this post! It made me chuckle. I needed that today!! Enjoy your break!! :) :)

  12. Happy Holidays dear "Profe" - it has been a pleasure to meet you here. The very best to you and yours...


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