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Monday, August 11, 2008

How does this make you feel?

Does the photo bring up memories?
Do you hear the sound of the creek?
Can you smell the scent in the air?
Where does this photo take you?


  1. Oh yes, it does bring up memories. I think I have a picture of me and my husband standing in that spot. Maybe not the same spot,but one just like it. I do hear the creek as it runs cold over my bare feet.I see the mountains in the background. I hear 2 little boys playing up stream. My little boys. I see my husband picking up a flat stone and showing the little boys how to make it skip across the top of the running water. The air smells sweet and musky from the wet banks.
    The photo takes me back 20 years to a younger me.(and thinner too!) A happy time.

  2. Actually, the photo looks like one of the streams on our farm where I love to spend time listening to the rush of the water over the stones and the smell of the clean fresh air. It's a beautiful photo.

    There is an award for your blog over on my blog.

  3. it takes me to Montana

  4. I have an award for you. Please go here to check it out:

  5. Reminds me of the scenes along the "Pig Trail" (Arkansas Highway 23, I believe) that runs through the Ozarks between Ozark and Fayetteville. Great, scenic drive and scenes like the one here are common.

    Good memories!

  6. Like Confused, the photo takes me home to Montana.

  7. This photo makes me feel like I'm at peace and that I can sit by the stream and relax. Being surrounded by nature, I'm on an "island" of my own. A place where I can go to get away from the city, family, friends, and just reflect on life. The future is in my hands. One choice can make or break the path to better and high successful experiences.

  8. Yes, it brings up memories.
    Yes, I hear it.
    You bet I can smell it.
    It takes me to the backwoods of Arkansas (White Rock and Nebo Mountain) and makes me a little homesick.

    It makes me think...You can take the girl out of the south, but you can never take the south out of the girl.


  9. Worlds End State Park in Pennsylvania ... early 1980s. The week before had been very rainy. The day we got there, another camper fell off the bridge into the overflowing creek and drowned.

    Yes, my brain focuses on those kinds of things sometimes.

    But I also remember hiking with my best friend (we were about 12), taking lots of pictures of the trees, lots of pictures of us making silly faces against a backdrop of dramatic landscape. Oh, and the pit toilets were fascinating. ;)

  10. This photo relaxes me, makes me feel calm, picture with gentle water always makes me feel that way...I love the water, but cant' swim anymore!

    Make me think of a place I would love to be...


  11. Hi Ga.farmwoman,Mountain Woman and the Natural State Hawg

    Glad to see the photo brings up good memories.

    Thank you Fishhawk and mountain woman
    for the awards and the kind mentions.

    Hi Confused and Designing Hillary

    I have never been to Montana, but I am sure I would love it. If the mountains, lakes and streams are anything like the ones in the Appalachians, then I am sure to be in heaven! Thank you both for the visit.

    Hi Kelvin and Azure

    I took this photo up in the North Carolina mountains. And yes, I feel great peace when I am up there. There is no place on this earth where I have ever felt so close to God. The joy and peace I feel within me is something I could never fully express in words.

    Hi Lala

    I haven't been up to my mountain this year, so I guess I am feeling homesick myself and that's why I keep posting my nature photos. Glad you enjoyed the sights, sounds and smells! :)

    Hi Jennifer

    "pit toilets?"
    new one for me.... LOL
    I have no childhood memories of hiking through the woods or visiting creeks, but I will have to one day write about my treacherous experience camping in the Everglades --in the summer!


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