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Saturday, August 9, 2008

The Dragon

If you are a dragon
the mountains your jagged back
the trees and grass your hair
the soil your skin
then seated on your shoulders I ride
as fire spews from your core
and tears fall from the sky.


  1. Poetry. It leaves me tongue-tied, though as time goes on, I am beginning to understand.

    This -- I like.

  2. Dear fearless blog, I can see the dragon in the picture. The dragon sleeps. Smart poem. Thank you

  3. When I looked at this photo before reading the poem, my first impressions were of being calm, relaxed, and it must be a gentle dragon...
    Wonderful photo!!

  4. Great photo and beautiful poem. Having grown up up the foot of the Ozarks, I've always loved trips to the mountains. Yet, your poem has given me a new perspective.

  5. A beautiful picture and a wonderful poem to start the day! What could be better?
    Have a great weekend!

  6. Beautiful words, evocative language. Thank you for sharing the power of language through your poetry.

  7. This is a wonderful idea. I like it. I will have to take a photo that inspired me and try this. I love both the photo and the poem. It makes people look at the Land in a new way...a "living" way, which of course it is...alive, but sometimes that can be hard for people to grasp. This way, through story and imaagry, instills the feeling of the land directly in their soul. It would be a great way to teach children to notice the Land by making stories or poems from what they see. Just wonderful.

  8. I love poetry. This is very good. Thanks for sharing your work. :)


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