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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Top Blogs: July Review

Duke at Real World Connections maintains an array of blogs, each with its own focus: Animals, Art, Humor, Nostalgia, and my favorites Music and Videos. In addition to the interesting and informative articles, funny cartoons and commentaries, this blogger offers his readers a glimpse of the past by skillfully digging up all those music videos which I, of course, call the oldies but goodies. He also showcases modern music, films, art and books. On a personal note, Duke was one of the first bloggers I met on Blog Catalog, and I cannot help but remember his professionalism and kindness as I struggled through murky waters those first few weeks. I appreciate his patience and have never forgotten his comforting words.

Donald also writes several blogs which he lists at Blog Catalog:
Everything Marketer, Freebie Day, The Urban Gardener, The Virtuous Collection Through The Eyes Of A Sobe... and finally my favorite Growing Up in the 70's. Although I was born in the 60's and was just a young child in the 1970's, I still have many vivid memories of those years, the clothes, the music, my family and the places I visited and where I lived. As I read about Donald's younger years and look over the photographs he shares with his readers, I am reminded of my own stories and of a time when my life was more carefree and innocent.

Before I arrived at Blog Catalog, I was an active member at Zimbio and it is there that I met Shirley. Therefore, she is one of my oldest blog contacts. Not only is she a dedicated blogger, she is also a full time mother. Furthermore, Shirley writes and actively maintains three blogs: My Thoughts, Proof Positivity, and Heart of a Mom where she showcases Thelma Josephine Bowling's poetry. Shirley truly displays a fearless spirit. She demonstrates a constant dedication to raising awareness for children's causes, poverty, education and all sorts of other important issues that arise in her community or anywhere else in the world. I also want to thank Shirley for her constant support, feedback and last minute favors.


  1. Awwww... thank you. Just an example of zimbio is a good social network. I was a new blogger too.

  2. I can't wait to check out those blogs.
    Isn't it exciting to find great blogs? I find so many interesting sites everytime I visit around and I don't even have to burn gas(or money) to go somewhere new. I can travel across the U.S.A or fly around the world while sitting safely in my old antique chair here.
    I can't wait to check out the growing up in the 70's site.
    Have a great week!

  3. Thank you for the July review of my blogs. It was so nice of you to mention them. I learned something today. I found out that a site that I was just placing my memories in had an impact on others. I never realized that. I thank you so much for mentioning Growing Up In The 70s.

    By the way, The Fearless Blog is truly awesome!!! I for one am very grateful for your contribution to the blog world

    I have to go over to Real World Connections and check out all the music. It sounds great. I also will visit Shirley's 3 sites.

    Have a pleasant day!


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