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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Plain English Please

I read a thought-provoking post the other day at Shooting from the Right and after writing a lengthy comment, I thought I would write my own post on the subject incorporating some of what I wrote. Don't worry...mine is not a politically slanted post... I don't think.

Due to a self imposed lack of information, many people judge, react and make assumptions based on what someone else says or writes. Whether the media reports all the facts, explains the intricacies of economics or international law and so forth does not matter. Most of us can’t absorb such complicated details much less truly understand them. I confess that I read a lot, stay informed and ask tons of questions and conduct extensive research on matters that interest me, and I “still” get so confused sometimes, especially when I listen to politicians on all sides start to use vague jargon and cliches. Can any of them ever “speak in plain English?” I guess not.

Politicians have studied more psychology than they have business, economics or foreign affairs. They know how to grab our attention by tapping into our emotions. Forget logic, concrete details and facts; that “stuff” is way too serious and complicated for busy Americans working 40-60 hours a week, running to soccer practice or rushing to get dinner ready. So as we withdraw from the “action” in hopes of allowing someone else to “take care of the matter,” we lose any power or control we may have been able to use in our own benefit. We freely and enthusiastically hand over our lives to "someone" else so that he or she may figure it all out and then decide what to do. This "someone" then supplies what he or she "thinks" we want in order to soothe us and quiet the masses.

Does this "someone" research the facts and evaluate them? Does he or she consult others or consider the consequences of every action that he or she takes? Does anyone really care about what happens five years from now, ten years from now or fifty years from now? Have we grown so busy or so apathetic that in the end the only thing that matters is right now, the immediate and the moment? Please don't misunderstand me, for I know I am generalizing and there are many of you who do not fit my description. You are not the one I worry about. For instance, I don't worry about one blogger in particular, Wolf K. at Accountability Corner, who has gone as far as to write and post his own solemn vow not to discuss politics "with anyone that has opinions only."

I welcome truth no matter how difficult or complex, regardless of which party it helps or destroys. In the end, if and when "The End" ever comes, I am not a Republican, Independent, Libertarian or a Democrat; I am a “United Statesman” a term I learned from my very dear friend and colleague Professor Lorenzo. --no attempt here at being sensitive to sexist language even though I am very much a woman.


  1. Very nicely said! :)
    I have the same view as you...I just want the truth. Someone who will care about the country before their own political aspirations.

    Have you listened to Glenn Beck? If not, you should consider it...he talks about this stuff everyday. I like him because he is not all about politics...he is about people. :)

  2. What a wonderfully observant blog. Sounds like something I could get my head around. Politics? Out of character just a little but you hit the nail right on the head. PLAIN ENGLISH PLEASE!!!! Shouldn't have to ask for it no matter which side you are routing for.


  3. Hi Jessica

    Glad to know I am in such good company. And yes. I used to listen to Glen Beck on morning radio but haven't in awhile. I will look him up again. Thanks.

    Hey DB

    So happy to hear from you and hope you are safe and well. You are right, "we should not have to ask for it," but based on what I hear and read, I AM asking for it. Few have mastered speaking and writing in "plain English" as well as you have and so I enjoy those regular visits over to your blog. Thanks for the visit.

  4. Plain English.. what exactly is it? There may not be an exact answer, but you do have a unique perspective in this post. Sometimes I think people should get straight to the point and make sure every word and concept is broken down into easier terms. They have to fluff everything out to send a message out. I'm not sure what direction this comment is going towards.. not sure if it is right for your post, but this is my response to this post.

  5. I agree with your observations and I could not reconcile the fact that some politicians say all the good things when they campaign but after they are elected to office, they begin to speak Greek.

    Very observant post. Keep posting.

  6. Hi Kevin

    "I think people should get straight to the point and make sure every word and concept is broken down into easier terms." --You've got the point exactly. Thanks for the "on the money" response. :) I always enjoy your visits here.

    Hi Jena Isle

    Thanks for visiting and yes the words do sound Greek sometimes and that would be fine if we were living in Greece! Right? :)

  7. I wrote two entries on this called voter's secrets, I think it will explain what is taking place.


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