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Sunday, June 1, 2008

Top 5 Blogs: June Reviews

Success Snippets Blog
Inspiring and beautifully written posts. Many links and resources as well. Blogger is a senior thought leader at Forward Steps.
Straightforward, practical advice, suggestions and tips for a better life. Very clear and positive message.

Inspiring stories of courage and determination as well as a multitude of other topics. Blogger is a film maker and human rights advocate. Make sure to read her Bloggers Unite for Human Rights post on May 15th.

Enroute 365

An independent communication consultant writes fresh and honest personal stories, and she offers reviews and synopsis of other blogs. I especially enjoyed who post entitled My Need to Weed.

My Super-Charged Life
Excellent motivational blog with easy to read tips and suggestions for living a better life. Topics include money, decision making, winning and many more. Great links and a Davey Ramsey fan like me.


  1. Great blogs...I presently read Ya-ttitude,a favorite...but the rest are new to me...I will be reading them often now...


  2. WOW - I am honored to have been selected and to be part of such a diverse and great group. Thank You so so so much.


  3. Thanks for the mention!Speaking of other blog synopsis, I am very far behind schedule on that! I'm so glad that you do that as well ... I always find something new and different here!

  4. It looks like a very good list. I can't wait to visit them.
    Have a great day!

  5. My favorite is!

  6. Enjoyed my visit as usual! Nice selection of blogs to read - Nards


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