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Thursday, May 22, 2008

The Passion Quilt Meme: Connected

I traced my steps carefully in search of the original Passion Quilt Meme, and after visiting several of them, I think I found the first one. Cranky Epistles, an English university professor, set a challenge for teachers to describe what they were passionate about students learning. In the post Crakyprof explains "the power of laughter."

The meme finally made its way to Professor Philp at Geoffrey Philp's Blog Spot who asked me to participate. Professor Philp writes, "I am passionate about kids expressing their creativity." I was delighted to join the challenge.

In The Fearless Blog I wrote, "I am passionate about the human spirit that says it will not give up; it will not run and will not stop until it has achieved the dream."

I then thought of a few bloggers at Blog Catalog that I could tag, and so I contacted the The Angry Educator an art teacher, and she enthusiastically published numerous photos of her students and their beautiful art work. She writes in her post, "My passion is showing children the power of creation. Not just the power to create things... but themselves and their experience."

I was equally excited when Dr Rob, a journalism professor and the creator of Rob's Megaphone agreed to participate. In addition to providing numerous photos with his students and some of the wonderful projects he spearheads, he also writes in his meme, "Teaching is my passion. I love the enthusiasm of students who want to learn. "

I will continue to ask teachers across the United States and the world to join in on this meme and allow others to read about our passion for teaching, our love for our students and our love for learning. Thank you Professor Philp for getting me started, and thank you to BB and Dr. Rob for your willingness to participate. I truly enjoyed this exercise very much, and I ask everyone to please visit the passion quilts created by every one listed here.


  1. and her Mom said,
    I will be thrilled to read the Passion MeMe from educators for they truly hold the future in their hands. Educators never receive enough praise and credit for all the work they do.
    Thank you for sharing such inspiring passions with us.

  2. I appreciate the opportunity to participate in The Passion Quilt Meme. Because teachers share a common bond, a quilt is a perfect metaphor. Thank you so much for being the seamstress.

  3. Another excellent job, Fearless! I didn't know you were also a cyber-detective?

    Have a great(long) weekend.


  4. What a wonderful idea. I read about it in your last post. And thought how remarkable. I live with a Mohawk professor who has a ton of awards for teaching excellence but likes to remain anonymous and behind the scenes. But this year his students could pick whomever they wanted to talk at their graduation and were told that the governor was willing to come...well they picked my sweetheart over the governor. He devotes his life to his students. Living with him the last 11 years has made me realize how MUCH recognition good teachers deserve and how LITTLE they usually get. I become very upset about that, which I don't go into here, but I will say I applaud you for this. I would love to see it spread all over the country.

  5. Thank you emma the golden girl for your visits and generous comments. It makes me so happy to see you here. Love your avatar too.

    To Dr. Rob
    It is I that must thank you. And you are correct; the quilt was a great metaphor. Wasn't this a rewarding activity? I am so fortunate to have met you and BB. I hope we stay in touch.

    Thank you Geoffrey for asking me to participate and lighting the torch.
    Cyber-detective...I like the sound of that. :) Enjoy your weekend as well.

    My dearest Robin
    Thanks for the kind words and what an honor to be chosen by your students (over the governor?). Please congratulate this very special man. I, too, do not move in big circles and always believed that my actions would speak for themselves. I hope they have.

    This quilt idea, though, has brought a few of us from Blog Catalog together and I am excited about that. Who knows what other joint ventures we can undertake...maybe we can continue to spread our love for learning across the world.... oh that would be stupendous!

  6. Marlene,
    Thanks for tagging me on this great project! My addition to the Passion Quilt is ready for you on today's post (June 12) at the Communication Exchange



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