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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

My Friends,You Are Tagged!

I have never written any "tag posts" and actually shy away from them. However, I have made an exception this time only because my friend Jennasee at Writing to Survive tagged me for this "viral" linking post. I respect and admire her writing very much, so as a regular to her blog I felt honored to continue this tag.

What is viral linking, you ask?

One of the fastest ways to see your Technorati authority explode!
Increase your Google page rank quickly!
Attract large volume of new traffic to your site!

I've listed five of MY FAVORITE BLOGGERS/BLOGS OF ALL TIME, who will then tag five of their favorite blogs if they wish, and if not, it is OK. I just had to mention your blogs in this exercise. Sorry that I could not list all of my favorites.

List of all tags.... Please post my list at the end of this list.

The Strategist Note Book
The Classy Life
Agenc Was Here
When Life Becomes a Book
The Haven

The FireWalker
Thomas Welcome

Marketing Myself
Brawny Hunk

Super Hero Extraordinare
Everyday should be Christmas
The Gadget Guru tech
Available Light

Dad’s Dish
What Goes Under the Sun
One Quart Low
Stephan Miller
Mental Poo

Search for Blogging
Angel Baby
The Sleeping Turtle Art Gallery

Olga the traveling bra
Concept is addict

Into the Rabbit Hole
Smile! Tomorrow could be a lot worse!
Wicked Whispers
Anand’s blog

A Mind Boiling Over
Discorax’s House of Woot
Blogging from the Bog
Shiv’s Brain
Secret Spiritual Dance

Jay's Art & words
Meryine's Spandomism
Clinically Clueless
Bipolar Swirl
How Is Bradley?

Catatonic Kid
Writing To Survive
The Hopeful Borderline
Thoughts and Musings of a Girl... Interrupted

Five little kids named Larrow (or check out Karen's other blog: The Pitfalls of Life)
Tales of a Neurotic 30something
The Fearless Blog
this time ~ this space


  1. I am deeply honored that you tagged me. I have no idea what it REALLY means yet as I am still learning, but it sounds like an adventure so I will try this.

    Thank you for continually reminding me of what is important in life. You do this just by being who you already amazingly insightful, compassionate and profound woman.

  2. Thanks for mentioning me. I will try to work on it later this week. We have a busy week ahead, as usual.
    Have a great day!

  3. Thank you for passing this on. I think it was my first and last tagging -- probably for the same reasons that you tend to avoid this stuff. I am honored that you accepted. :)

  4. Thank you for 'tagging' me, Mar. It means so much that you listed me in your first five choices.

    You are such a warm compassionate person and I'm honored to call you 'friend'..thanks again!


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