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Monday, April 28, 2008

An Unexpected Surprise!

I love Mondays; in fact, they are like Fridays to me. Actually my motto is "Live everyday as if it was a Friday." Today, my Monday was especially delightful thanks to my students in my afternoon class who surprised me with a delightful lunch. The menu included delicious fried chicken, tasty plantains, scrumptious strawberry cake, and a refreshing orange/carrot citrus drink. My students wanted to surprise me and they did.

But wait. They had one more unexpected surprise for me: a beautifully engraved plaque. I have never received a plaque from an entire class, much less one with such a loving and heartfelt message that managed to bring me to tears. This generous and loving gesture by students, many of whom work full time and go to college full time, served to remind me once again that everything I do and say greatly affects the people around me. As a teacher, I seek not to judge or blame, ridicule or humiliate. My purpose is clear and constant and I can define it in just one word: Empower. In my profession, I meet so many incredible people, learn from them, laugh with them and sometimes cry with them. My students give me so much more than I could ever give them.

Thank you all for your very special gift!

Marie, Ana, Nathalie, Joseph, Greggory, Edith, Sharon, Ducarme, Jeniny, Wandler, Kins, Takira, Carlos, Reginald, Liliana and last but by no means least Evodie.

You have all made this semester quite unforgettable for me. God bless you all and may you all find success as you journey down the road less travelled by.


  1. What an honor and now doubt well deserved. Congrats!

  2. Well, that should end any plans for grading on a curve this semester: shouldn't it???

  3. YaY! A well deserved award!

  4. That is so great! An award and fried chicken. You can't beat that.
    No, really. That sayes so much that words couldn't say to have students do something extra that took thought, time, and energy out of their busy lives to show their appreciation.
    One day they will be writing about how they remember their favorite teacher!
    I am so proud for you and the students.

  5. It has to be a wonderful feeling to know that you've both been an inspiration for your students and have been inspired by them. How rewarding!

  6. tThat is awesome that cool that you recieved that type of recognition from your class. I believe that you must have done a wonderful job teaching them this semester. Keep up the good work. Amazing stories from teachers always inspire me as I want to become a teacher myself one day.

  7. Very nice! If you squint and look between the lines, you will also see the cyber signatures of some of your "unregistered" students. The plaque just isn't big enough -I am
    Your friend,

  8. Namaste' Fearless your beautiful!! and you rock fearlessly ;0) your students are lucky to have you and vice' verse'

    what a wonderful post to come upon it made me smile BIG!!!


  9. Ms Cueto command!
    you deserve it, I could have done much more than that if I really had time.You are the best teacher ever. You have everything that a student need such as: your patience,your love,your kindness. You were like a mother to me, also to the class. Thanks again. Remember I love you, also the class the ENC0021 does too.

  10. This post is so great, and It made me
    laugh.Also, It really an unexpected
    surprise. I love It.
    I wonder to have you as my teacher.


  11. Congratulations!
    That is a wonderful, honoring gift!
    It is obvious you have touched all their lives in a positive way. I don't think there is anything more a teacher could must be a truly rewarding experience.
    Thank you for letting us share in your joy!

  12. Congrats. Its great to be honoured and appreciated. Keep up your GREAT work and EMPOWER :)

  13. Awwww.. what a sweet and wonderful thing that was for them to do! It is such a wonderful feeling to know you're appreciated.


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