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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

A Picture Tells the Story

I love my digital camera so much more than that old 1970s Polaroid camera my father used to have. Every once in a while, the flashbulb would burnout in the most inopportune time, and my father would run off to find a replacement. Then came the "wimpy plastic twist to take the next picture" cameras. If I was not careful and I twisted for too long or twisted for too little, I ruined the film roll and had nothing to show in the end. Many times the rolls would collect in a drawer for weeks, months and yes even years. Those cameras were quite an improvement...I am just kidding. Today, I hold a slim metal gem in my hand that knows when it needs to flash and focus all by itself. that is a real improvement. Having this light weight "I can do it all by myself" friend creates for me a sense of peace and confidence. The best part for me is that I can see, print or show my photos anytime I want in just about any place I want. I call that true freedom.

If you have not noticed by now, I love to photograph nature among other things of course. However, the backdrops and sceneries I choose to photograph obviously reflect the things my eyes enjoy. And so, when perusing through various blogs, I find myself drawn to photographs, some taken by professionals others by talented amateurs who, like me, enjoy the experience of taking the photos and then placing them on exhibit for all to see. Recently, I have stumbled upon a few blogs that have captured my interest not only for their aesthetic qualities but for their message and content.

Come and join me in a tour.....
  • The Photography of Scott Carlin I see more than just professional photographs when I visit this blog. I see passion and immense understanding of how a photo communicates a message. I describe his photos as mystical, intense and multi-dimensional while at the same time subtle and simple. It is quite an impressive combination.
  • Photo Link Love The blog showcases crystal clear and amazingly beautiful photographs in a slide show type presentation. The photographer's camera transforms everyday events and scenes into colorful and magical images that remind me of how much I have yet to see and do.
  • A Wolf Adventure Once again Sky's blog appears in my top picks. Her photographs of the artic wolf embody more than just the beauty of these animals but her love and respect for them as well. Her photos always tell a story as do her loving words.
  • Adventures in Time and Space Photos range from architecturally appealing to funny everyday happenings. My favorite photo resembles what I hope someday to build. On a cloudy and sunless day, a beautiful stack stone staircase zigzags its way up the side of a hill and disappears into the background. The tress have no leaves and the most common color in the photo is grey, perfectly capturing the feel of the season. This blogger "has bicycle and camera" and will travel....

If you have a photo blog and want to share it, leave a link in the comment box.


  1. Enjoyed this post. Here are a couple you will want to check out. I love their sites.

    Stacey Huston's nature photos are just priceless. She is at:

    Her husband also has a site that has Stacey's photos and his phenominal writing on it. They both do stunning, heartfelt and first class work. Mike Huston is at:

  2. Thanks for this post !

    I was able to add two of the four sites to my RSS Reader...

    ~ Alex

  3. My Pumping Your Muse Writer's Prompts include a photo each day, but I use stock photos to help inspire writers to stretch their muse to embrace new ideas. You can check it out here:

  4. I also love looking at photos on people's sites. There are some talented folks out there. Here is a great site too. Picture this. A no comment blog.
    I can't wait to look at your featured sites listed.

  5. You have a finest sense of writing.
    Thanks! I'M glad to have you as my teacher.


  6. Thank you so much for the inclusion in your post! I am honored. The other sites you mentioned are fantastic; of course Sky's life with the wolves, which I spend a lot of time reading. Photo Link Love has some stunning photography! Thank you for sharing all of these sites. Robin, A focus in the Wild is one I'm going to spend some time on as well.

  7. I like to take pictures all the time because it is the best way to capture an instant that it may never repeated it-self again.I love the pictures that you posted in your blog. It give us an example of beauty and simplicity.

  8. I'm not a photographer, but I enjoy taking pictures (like you I really like nature scenes). My digital camera (with asweetzoom lens) has been malfunctioning for several months and needs to be replaced when I save up enough sheckels. I feel lost without it, though, especially now that spring is here! Anyway, I appreciate the photo links here that gave me my image "fix!"


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