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Monday, December 13, 2010

Guest Post: Viva Obama By Bert Lorenzo

Obama beat McCain handsomely

so those who criticize my president should let him be

and show more respect for democracy.

The people voted for change

and change they should see

but it takes time to make new policy.

June 2009 he improved the economy.

Now everywhere I go I see people spending money.

He reduced unemployment.

Now concert halls, movie houses and sport stadia

sell-out for people’s enjoyment.

Things are fine

but people continue to whine.

They say he’s a Muslim

who secretly practices Islam.

And that he cares more for the lower classes

because he wants to raise the rich’s taxes.

And that he goes too far

when he supports building a mosque near that 9/11 scar.

I say he hasn’t gone far enough.

Obamacare should give us more stuff.

Rumor has it many doctors want to retire or quit.

They say Obama’s healthcare plan’s unfit.

But he should do everything he promised during his campaign

or those who voted for him

did so in vain.

Some who voted for him now feel remorse.

They fear things will get worse.

They elected the Messiah

but now turn their backs on a pariah.

They’ve abandoned hope so easily.

It says more about them

than about my president’s ability.

Constant criticism might make my president weary.

It can be such a bore.

But the critics should remember

in a democracy people should get what they ask for.

So viva Obama!

I still have hope he won’t abandon the fight

and make all that’s wrong in America right.

Copyright Bert Lorenzo, 2010


  1. wow, i admire how straightforward the message this post is trying to impart to everybody.

    it is so easy for people to pose judgment to others because they don't know what they are going through. and i can feel that being the president of a country is a really tough job as he/she is under public scrutiny all the time.

    that is also the same problem our president here in the Philippines is facing now. millions admired him during the campaign period because of his trustworthiness. and this has became his advantage for winning the May 2010 elections.

    but due to mistakes he commits (our presidents are also human beings, they also make mistakes), his trust rating dropped and a lot of people are giving negative feedback regarding his administration.

    i hope people will learn to see how tough it is to be president. and instead of criticizing them, we should do our part as citizens of our nation.

    take care!!! love your blog!!! :-)

  2. If you really think unemployment has gone down, it would go a long way to explaining the rest of your poem.

  3. I like how people foolishly pretend that the president can do everything. It would be a miracle if he could do one thing well. Obama, like many recent presidents, stretches himself way to thinly for the good of the nation.
    It's so funny to watch people argue politics, because the same thing is going to happen, regardless of whether it's called liberal or conservative. If one wants to see the world change, one changes it by oneself alone, because others are unreliable.

    Next time, don't stain poetry with your unruly structure and your opinions. Stick to prose.

  4. obama is not muslim not longer before getting married.
    and obama can not answer the above firm in Palestine problem solving,
    if peace then they can not take anymore oil ...
    where obama could reconcile that world?

  5. Its been a few months. Hows that hope and change thing going for you now?

    What blinders you have on.

  6. This is not the first of your posts I've read, and you never cease to amaze me. Thank you, and I look forward to reading more.

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  8. I always learn something new from your post!Great article. I wish I could write so well.


  9. umm this is totally wrong in so many ways...I pray God will open your eyes to the TRUTH!

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  11. Why would you write a poem about a man who hasn't done anything? He's a loser. Unemployment is still high. He hasn't done anything to improve unemployment. I still don't have a job and I've applied to many many places. The gas prices are pathetic. Groceries cost much more than they did 4 years ago. His Obamacare is the worst thing ever. He's for Planned Killinghood. What is there to admire about a bozo like Obama. NOTHING. Wake up and smell reality...Obama sucks!

    p.s.-oh and your poem isn't that great either.

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  13. I'm not a US citizen, and don't know exactly what Obama is like as a president, but he comes across as a nice bloke to me and a refreshing change. I hope he does well at the elections, although it's not really any of my business when it comes to it.

    I've nominated your blog for The Liebster Award. You can see it here -->

    Thanks for such a great blog!

  14. Good job. All the very best :)

  15. Wow, this is pretty interesting. Inspiring, as well. Thanks for sharing such inspiring experience with us. Great blog, congrats.!

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