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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Guest Post: Injustice and Apathy!

I am sure that in this world, specifically those well-born that are thankfully in the majority, there are more who support justice than those who support abuse and for that reason one must consider the ignorant who by no means necessarily act in bad faith.

To resolve his or her basic necessities every day, the average Cuban on the island needs a witty approach. Outside of the official ruling class, there is little possibility to survive. Only one employer and one owner exists. This employer even owns the water people drink. You may ignore this but with an entourage so evil, the island serves as a large prison.

Within this large and rigorous prison, it is the 21st century and the world still ignores the system that has possessed Cuba for 50 years as if Cuba was on another galaxy, all with the complicity of the powerful capital authorities which determine universal apathy. These forces are incapable of noting that Cuba is a place where in order for a person to survive he or she need only suffer, remain silent and obey.

Luckily there exist more thinkers than mules and someday the truth shall make itself known. And you who are ignorant shall exclaim "Is it possible that this was occurring so close to me?"

For you the thinker....written by The Cuban Wanderer, Israel.

Translated by The Fearless Blog author


  1. So glad to have you back my fearless friend! A very thought provoking piece. Thanks.

  2. "Great post, very useful for a beginner like me"

  3. Good covered point, lots of people simply put something weired theories in front of public.

    But it doesn't work i think because know one sure how it will going to happen

    It looks like just coping ideas which someone has already written. I found even on

    popular blogs guest bloggers bring same theories which I already know. I observed they

    just try to spice up their article without knowing what really audience want to read.


  4. Injustice for one is injustice for all.
    The only thing that it takes for evil to prevail is for good men to do nothing.
    An apathetic soul is dead. LM
    Evil and apathy coexist. Where you find one you will find the other. LM
    A lie is easier to believe than the truth. LM
    A lie is self serving and intended to deceive its victim. LM
    The truth is the fact as brutal as it may be. LM
    A lie fails humanity. LM -

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  6. I feel that your perspective is deep and everything is pretty good given the perceptions and opinions logic together.


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