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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Lord Monckton: Surrender of US Sovereignty


See Lord Monckton's interview on Happy Hour with Rebecca Diamond, Eric Bolling and Cody Willard. His summary of an upcoming climate change treaty to be signed in Copenhagen in a few months may cause you some concern. If anything, I hope this information helps you think and question the actions of our current leaders and the long term effects of such decisions.


  1. Or to bring the Chicken Little (don't you love that name?) story up to date, Chick hits the speaker and pundit circuit, hires an agent and a staff of publicists, writes a book and makes a movie. His nest is well lined, and he never has to scratch for food again.

    His story gains acceptance and others join the chorus. Each is looking to push a failed agenda.

  2. Chuck...can't deny that most of these influential people have an agenda and that agenda involves money. I don't call it greed though. Actually, most people don't make money to "have" money. They make money to obtain "something else" with that money. Capitalism creates opportunities, encourages innovation, creates competition and motivates people to improve. These are all good things. What is disgusting and inexcusable is what some people will do to obtain power regardless of the outcomes. I call this selfishness and a total disregard for the well being of others.

  3. Thanks for posting this; it's worth listening to. I'm more and more saddened by what appears to be an agenda on the part of our president.


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