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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

My Son's Poem

My son wrote this poem and shared it with me tonight. He warned me before reading it that I would cry. He was right...

Where I am From

I am from a place of long beaches and soft sand,

from never ending oceans in every direction.

I am from aromas of sizzling Croquetas and Papa.

From intense heat and cool breezes,

fresh cut grass and orange baseball fields.

I am from the front seat of an 83 mustang,

twelve hour drives and welcome signs every three hours.

From pencil marks on the door,

and rain drops falling outside my window.

I am from my grandmother’s living room,

fresh lavender and violets.

I am from beeps and dogs barking,

heavy traffic and anger.

I am from a place of freedom,

where I have only my freedom.

I am from towns like Gatlinburg, Tennessee,

Where fireworks, people, happiness and fun can be felt many new years later.

I am from massive pools and water parks,

From salsa music to Angus Young’s electric guitar.

I am from a cul-de-sac and pavement,

And my scarlet bicycle and a yellow fire hydrant.

I am from a broken boat lost at sea,

with hours of work and fiber glass.

The cuts and blood put in,

Along with the sanding and building.

I am from annoying Cuban restaurants,

with hundreds of customers.

From those long road trips with Elton John and Pearl Jam,

and only the night sky and a dark figure to keep me company.


  1. "From those long road trips with Elton John and Pearl Jam,

    and only the night sky and a dark figure to keep me company"

    Wel done!

  2. Wow, Fearless is he ever talented. You must be so proud.

    Stopping by to visit. I don't come over often enough and when I'm here I realize what a superlative blog you have.

  3. Thank you all. Yes I am very proud. My son is an avid reader and loves history, literature and politics. He is an old soul who loves old American cars and rock music from the 60's and 70's. He has a way with words although like me, his handwriting is atrocious. Thank God for computers.

    Thanks Sara for the kind words regarding The Fearless Blog.

  4. It is a wonderful poem! He did a great job on it.

    I can picture the broken and fixed up boat and hear Elton singing in the background.

    I just imagine he will be a famous writer soon.


  5. Thank you all for commenting my poem it is much appreciated. I also appreciate the compliments you've given me. I hoped you liked my poem as much as i and my mother did. And I also thank my mother for posting it up and for taking me to all of those wonderful places i will always remember. I finally thank my father for driving 12 hours to get there.

    "Intelligence plus character - that is the goal of true education"

    -Martin Luther King Jr.

    With great Gratitude;

  6. This is a beautiful poem that your son wrote :), full of details,and favorite part has be this :"I AM FROM A PLACE OF FREEDOM,WHER I ONLY HAVE MY FREEDOM"! THAT ALONE, IS WORDS WITHIN THE HEART THAT CARRIES ON GREAT EXPRESSION. :D


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