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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Hiking the Lower Linville Falls in Western North Carolina

Less than a mile long, the Lower Linville Falls trail proves quite strenuous, so be prepared to catch your breath every now and then if you need to and don't rush to the bottom. Instead enjoy the journey, the rock formations, foliage and the sounds around you.

Depending on the weather, you may find muddy and slippery terrain, so wear comfortable hiking boots. Bring a walking stick to help you climb over rocks and tree stumps up and down the trail. Once you reach the river and move closer to the falls, you may want to sit and enjoy the view, so bring some water and something to snack on while you rest before heading back. And of course, bring your camera. There are numerous spots along the way worthy of photographing.

A couple of ladies who I met half way down the trail commented that the difficult hike was well worth it once I reached the bottom. They were absolutely right. As I sat on the large rocks overlooking the majestic waterfall, the thunderous water gushing from the top played a continuous melody and peace and serenity wrapped around me. Truly prodigious!


  1. Milton Friedman had it right. And what a talent he had for expressing his thoughts and communicating his ideas. I really enjoyed the refresher course.
    -- Chuck


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