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Saturday, June 6, 2009

Preparing for a Sun Dance

After experiencing months of very dry weather and very little rain, I admit I often prayed for rain. My garden, grass and trees suffered through months of drought and water restrictions. I guess many others in South Florida also prayed for rain along with me because for the past few weeks the rain has poured from the sky every day flooding streets and highways creating havoc on the roads. Last night at around 2:00 am, I awoke to the loud bombs dropping outside my window and to flashes of light that illuminated my darkened room. Exhaustion finally triumphed and I drifted back to sleep only to awaken to a beautiful golden day. Unfortunately, the blue skies soon gave way to the dark clouds and the rumbling and lightening by early afternoon.

Restaurants and hotels on Miami Beach flooded on Friday and I can only imagine what the area must look like today. The rain continues and next week's forecast: expect rain every day. Instead of a rain dance, I propose a sun dance for the coming days and ask that every Floridian join me. My green grass, coconut trees and my son's newly planted vegetable garden greatly appreciate all the rain, for their thirst has been quenched but now they request a little vitamin D.

Take a look for yourself.


  1. That is awful...there must be such a sense of helplessness for the business owners/home owners of Miami Beach!!

    I'll do a sun dance for South Florida... :0)
    Be safe...

  2. It would be good if there is a switch to turn on the sun if we need the sun and one switch to turn on the rain when there is too much sun. I hope thing has already gone back normal in your place.

  3. Wow! We've been really lucky this year with our rainfall. Just enough but not too much. I can't begin to imagine that much rain.

  4. UPDATE!!!!! The past two days have been sunny and very very hot! No rain at my house. The Sun Dance was a complete success!!! Unfortunately, I am beginning to wonder if I made a wise choice. Maybe I should start the Rain Dance NOW. ;>) Thank you all for your visits.

  5. I hope all flood waters are cleared now?

  6. Actually Whisper...the heavy rains have returned...and so the floods have returned...Thanks for stopping by. :>)

  7. Hi dear Mar, Wow that is some serious flooding. Amazing, the power of nature. We had a really cool spring and more rain than usual. Although here in NM we are so happy as it is SO dry. My garden is doing really well due to the rain and the mountain sides look a deeper blue-green which is so lovely to see. But I do hope that things are settling down where you are. And I hope that you are enjoying your summer. Sending you hugs and love, Robin. :)

  8. Looks like a pretty bad flood, based on the video. I usually don't see that kind of flooding outside of where I love very often, either.


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