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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Key West Sunset


  1. Simply stunning...what more can I say!!!!!!! You should have it enlarged and frame would make a wonderful mother took a beautiful sunset shot a few years ago which I had enlarged and framed for her as a gift... it hangs from a prominent spot in her dining room/living rooom!!

    We have some marvelous sunsets here,Ontario studio faces west so I usually see them...I know I should take photos, but I'm a terrible photographer...but...I will post one some day!


  2. Beautiful and relaxing.
    Have a great weekend.

  3. Spectacular pic!!! Some of my favorite memories of being out on the truck are of seeing sunrises and sunsets down in Florida.

    Anyway, The Fearless Blog has been included in this weeks A Sunday Drive. I hope this helps to attract even more new visitors here.

  4. Thanks Heather, Pam and FishHawk for stopping by and I am glad you all enjoyed the photo.

    Thank you also FishHawk for the mention. Much appreciated!

  5. Hello ....fabulous picture. I hope the more visitor will attract from this stunning picture. I am looking forward to see more good stuff.

  6. I happened to chance upon this blog about photography before, or after (not sure), I read your post.

    Took me a few days to hop into it again.

    It's about a very helpful photography tips called "the rule of third" (here's the link -

    It's an eye-opener, well ... sort of, for me in the area of photography.

    Hope it helps.

    BTW, I enjoy the photo - so serene.

  7. Absolute perfection. Glad I stopped by.


  8. I love the Key's...everyone should drive there at least once in their lives. The colors as you see in this photo are breathtaking and the color of the waters are almost dream like:)
    Fantastic photo:)

  9. That's gorgeous! Hopefully one day I'll make it down to Key West (fingers crossed)

  10. That is a beautiful picture. Sunset pics are one of my top favorites.


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