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Monday, April 13, 2009

No More Cold Showers!!!

When I was a child my parents, though poor, provided two very important things for me. I had decent health care via private clinics that were established and flourished throughout South Florida in the 70's and 80's, and I had a good private education. We lived in a poor neighborhood, bought used furniture, TVs and clothes, rarely took vacations, and my parents drove old rusty automobiles. My parents were beyond frugal at times, but they knew exactly where to put the little money they did manage to save. Because I had so little, I never really missed having more. My contentment changed of course when I grew older and got out into the "real" world and saw how the other half lived.

I worked very hard, sacrificed my time and energy and my youth to achieve a spot in that other world, the world that lived comfortably thanks to education and a never ending drive to succeed and achieve in the land of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. In the end happiness is the only real thing we are all struggling and thirsting it not?

It took me years to understand why they did what they did. Taking cold showers or sleeping through the night without air conditioning in 90 plus degree weather because my father wanted to save on the electricity bill was something I could never understand or accept when I was a child. And so, I promised myself that my children would have better, not necessarily more but better. They would definitely have hot showers whenever they wanted and a cool room and nice bed free of roaches and termites where to lay their head every night.

Thanks to my parents commitment to my health and education, I have been blessed to provide for my children a constructive and most certainly pleasant living environment. I am happy to report that my parents' frugality, to some extent, rubbed off on me. Considering what so many people are going through today as they lose their jobs, savings, homes, and families, I am so thankful to my parents' wisdom and influence. Although I could not comprehend at the time, my parents knew exactly where to place their money and they had the hope that I too would someday understand. I have...

A cool house and a hot bath still remain top priorities in my home even at the expense of new shoes, new clothes, new TV.......


  1. Thanks for reminding us to look back and take note of where we came from. My parents are in their 80s and still frugal; as an adult with children of my own, I now understand the sacrifices they made to give my brothers and me a better life.

  2. Thank you Lyn for your constant visits and generous feedback. I never want to forget where I come from or what parents did for me then so that I could enjoy everything I have now. They are my rock and foundation...

  3. As parents we do what we think is best at the children we come to appreciate our parents did what they thought was sounds as though your fathers ways contributed to your success!!!! Interesting how life works ...

    A cool house and a hot bath would always be a top priority for me as well...:0)



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