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Monday, March 2, 2009

Rush Limbaugh at CPAC 2009 Transcript

If you were unable to hear the Rush Limbaugh at CPAC 2009 video in my previous post here is the transcript of his entire speech courtesy of Fox News.


  1. I listened to the speech on television. Rush stated that he was speaking without a teleprompter and seemed proud of that fact. I would agree that speaking without a teleprompter is a good thing, if only he had used notes and had given a more organized, practiced speech. As it was, he rambled, repeated himself, and went off on many tangents. I have heard him give better.

  2. I have listened to Rush for many many years so it does not surprise me that he would chose to "wing it" just to create more buzz... I have only heard parts of the speech and cannot therefore judge or provide an honest opinion on his "entire" speech or how well he performed. One thing I do see is that he has a lot of us "conservatives" talking and thinking. Thanks so much for your feedback Patricia.

  3. Rush is one of those that believes that if you are speaking on a subject that you truly believe in that you don't need notes. Somehow I expect he'd lose a ton of the qualities that make him such a good speaker if he was going off a script (or even notes).


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