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Saturday, March 7, 2009

A Quiet Fearlessness

On Monday she had her baby and
on Friday she returned to class.
As we spoke about the labor, her health and her new way of life,
I could not contain my admiration.

She had never missed a day of class before, and
had always proven herself dedicated and determined.

So young, so small and fragile she was
and yet so strong and so brave.
On this morning, I noticed for the first time
the bright light of success glowing all around her.

Today, I witnessed a quiet fearlessness that yelled out to the world
a promise of hope and courage.

Best wishes to Octavia and her new baby boy.....


  1. That is being close to the way nature intended us to be!

  2. This is really endearing, and eloquently written. Wonderful! I'm glad I read this to start my day. :)

  3. I loved it ! !
    And it does yelled out to the world
    a promise of hope and courage ! ! !

  4. That was touching make me want to have a baby

  5. Words can't explain how I feel but I LOVE IT and
    This will remain in my heart FOREVER

  6. I am rooting for her! With a determination like will the world.

    Great post.


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