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Saturday, March 21, 2009

A Moderate Manifesto

Interesting and thoughtful New York Times commentary by David Brooks that deserves a read.
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The first task will be to block the excesses of unchecked liberalism. In the past weeks, Democrats have legislated provisions to dilute welfare reform, restrict the inflow of skilled immigrants and gut a voucher program designed for poor students. It will be up to moderates to raise the alarms against these ideological outrages.

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  1. Amen. We go from one extreme to another. Yet, the vast majority of us are moderates.

  2. We do tend to go to extremes with everything! I remember many years ago complaining about that to a collegue who commented that perhaps without the extremes we couldn't find the middle; although there's wisdom in that, I sure do wish we could see much more moderation!

  3. I swear it all depends on who's doing the talking. I've heard so many misrepresented remarks, thoughts, attitudes, misquotes, and downright lies in the media. If you follow a strictly right wing station/media, you hear the strangest stuff. Personally, I like MSNBC. While many consider it "liberal" they physically show you the quotes as they speak. I'm having trouble expressing what I really mean to say... which is I guess that the "right" will do anything right now to get some sort of base going again. I'm not saying what you've quoted is right or wrong, I'd have to do the full research myself, but I have heard the most horrific and off-truth remarks made by the staunch right that scary is putting it mildly... Especially if people tend to just go by what they hear versus indepth research on their own.

    Thus endth my rant LOL!


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