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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Painful Realities

Yesterday, my son's friend lost her mother unexpectedly.
Her mom was 41 years old.
My son, now that he is older, rarely kisses me goodnight; however, last night something different occurred.
As I stood in his room, he tightly wrapped his arms around me as if afraid to let go, placed several gentle kisses on my cheek and said,
"I love you mom."

Written in honor of the woman my son fondly remembers as the lady who on occasion generously brought pastelitos to his class and participated in most school events.


  1. Mrs.Cueto, I can relate to why your son hugged you unexpectantly...It's because needless to say he loves you,but also because he apperciates you more now than ever before,and realizes that life is short! I'm sorry to hear about the sad news.I would give anything to have My father back in my life...and I cherish my mother now,and life alot more! And in the end, "it's not the years in your life that count. It's the life in your years."Abe Lincoln

  2. It seems your son has learned a lesson about life, to cherish your mother. I'm sure he always has, but, when life's tragedies strike it seems there is nothing more comforting than a mother's touch. I'm sorry it takes a death to realize that life is so precious.

  3. Miracle

    Great quote and I know you understand too well.


    The parents, teachers and students at the small charter school have all been quite shaken by this event. It's a wake up call for all of us.

  4. It's a cycle. We'll always need reminders of what's important to us after taking them for granted for a while. Then we'll forget again, and something will happen to remind us again. We are, human after all.

    But departure at 41, which should be the prime of our lives? That's a reminder of life's painful reality, its frailty and impermanence.

    I'm sure your son will get out of this emotional experience a better man.

  5. It is so sad to think of the child losing her mother at such a young age.
    Children and young people often don't think of that part of life.
    My thoughts and prayers for the lady's family and friends.

  6. It is hard when children have to learn this lesson early in life.

  7. Such a sad reality...just thinking about it has brought tears to my eyes, and I'm not the emotional type usually!! Your son has learned a life lesson, one I'm sure will stay with him forever! It is especially difficult for young people when they must deal with death...their whole world changes.
    Love the Abe Lincoln quote...

  8. Thank you all for commenting. Hundreds of people attended this kind woman's funeral this week, students, parents, teachers, staff, friends and family.

    The three young children are devastated and the rest of us have been left in shock.

    Yes, Buzzingj "That's a reminder of life's painful reality, its frailty and impermanence." Any one of us regardless of age can go at anytime.

    Do great things with your lives and savor every moment...

  9. My heart goes out to your son's friend. My prayers are with her as she struggles with the loss of her Mother.

  10. Hi Dear Mar, I have been looking through all the posts I've missed. I've had almost no time for blogging and have missed you. There are so many beautiful posts here. Your writing is clear. I have much to learn... :)

    I chose this post to comment on as it stopped me in my tracks. The part that stopped me was the fact that your son was open enough to make the connection between his friend losing his mom and the reality of how much he loves you and that nothing is permanent...that he had to let you know he loved you, that he is aware of that. And he was able to show you with a hug and kisses. It made me realize that his heart is still fully intact. He intuitively or consciously made all the important realizations that often much older people never make in a lifetime.

    You have taught them well through example and sharing. That he reached out in that way brought tears to my eyes. You are doing it right, Mar. You are raising good human beings, beautiful beautiful human beings. YOU are doing that from your own solid goodness. I love you for that. Robin


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