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Saturday, February 7, 2009

25 Random Things about Myself

My colleague Geoffrey Philp, author of Uncle Obadiah and Alien, Florida Bound, Grandpa Sydney Anancy's Stories , Benjamin, My Son, Hurricane Center, Twelve Poems and a Story for Christmas and his soon to be released book entitled Who's Your Daddy?: And Other Stories has tagged me. He recently posted a list of 25 random things about himself on his blog and has suggested that I too participate.

Here goes

  1. I hate and fear only one animal and it's not the shark. It's the cockroach. They are everywhere here in Florida.
  2. I speak English and Spanish, and I am somewhat versed in American Sign Language.
  3. My husband and I have been married for 21 years.
  4. My favorite fictional novel is Wuthering Heights.
  5. My least favorite subject is math.
  6. I was born in Cuba, but my parents immigrated to the US when I was a year old. I have yet to see my birth place.
  7. As a child I lived in Louisiana and New Jersey before moving to Florida.
  8. I live in Florida but North Carolina is where my heart is.
  9. My grandmother is 100 years old. I just hope her genes made their way over to me!
  10. I love Pearl Jam, Creed, Andrea Bocelli, Shakira, Jimmy Buffett, Billy Joel, Elton John, Juanes and U2. I know... I know... what a mix!
  11. I met my best friend Iris in 3rd grade, many moons ago, and we are still the best of friends.
  12. When I was a child, I wanted to be an actress. Although I am "not" in films or movies, I am a teacher and therefore a performer.
  13. I drive a Chevy.
  14. I am surrounded by many truly wonderful people.
  15. I made my singing debut at Pat O'Brien's in New Orleans, Louisiana. Those were the good old days!!!
  16. I lost my fear of deep water snorkeling off the Florida Keys.
  17. In my twenties, I had a near death experience. I will write about that one day.
  18. I truly believe that opportunity does not find you; you find opportunity.
  19. I love open spaces, fields, pastures, woods and mountains.
  20. I am not a follower.
  21. Believe or not, I am allergic to salt.
  22. I am a big Dave Ramsey fan.
  23. I love sushi.
  24. Life has not made me bitter. Instead it has made me wiser.
  25. I am very blessed.
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  1. Hello,

    it is always pleasant to get to know more about the person behind the blog. Tahnk you for sharing...I like it. Happy Blogging

  2. Very nice! Allergic to salt, that must be tough!

  3. American Sign Language! Wow, I didn't know.

    Thank you so much for giving my books a plug. You are a wonderful person, Fearless and I am glad to know you in the virtual and non-virtual world.


  4. Ray

    Thank you for your constant support.


    It's actually a lot tougher on my family since I cook with little or no salt. I actually don't mind it at all.


    The pleasure is all mine.

  5. I know how food allergies go. I'm allergic to everything under the sun. I could only imagine salt as the most difficult food allergy. They put it in every thing. I am feeling for you. I know how difficult it is to omit food from your diet.

  6. How cool to learn these things about you. You have an interesting life, it seems. I have at least a couple of tings in common with you. I have many allergies, and I have a wide mix of music and artists I like.

  7. I enjoyed reading your info...allergic to salt is unusual I think??? Interesting...your heart is in North Carolina and mine is split between the Caribbean and Florida!!!

    I was tagged a couple of weeks ago but haven't done it yet...I'm hesitant as I have a difficult time putting myself personally out there so to speak...will have to get at it!


  8. You know and work with interesting people, which is normal I guess seeing as to how these 25 describe you.

    My wife and I hitched up 21 years ago, too, in February. Seems like yesterday.

    In #10, I'm confused, no Stevie Wonder? Marvin Gaye?


  9. Thank you for sharing! I was tagged with this on Facebook and will make every attempt to post it there soon!

  10. I lived in Louisiana for 13 years and my sister made her singing debut at Pat O'Brien's in NO. I wonder if you sing as well as she does.

  11. here's mine:

    I love reading and writing these, no matter how well I know (or don't) the subject.

    I agree, you have lived an interesting life. I once was fluent in spanish and ASL, too. alas no more.

  12. Shirley and Matt

    I am glad to see we share somethings in common.


    I did not discover my unusual allergy until I started breaking out and my hands swelled after eating very salty or spicy foods. As soon as I diminished the amount of salt I consumed, the swelling and discomfort lessened. I now eat a very low sodium diet. I must admit I cheat every now and then, and boy do I pay for it.


    I do work and know some absolutely amazing people. I am blessed. And yes I actually did listen to Marvin Gaye and Stevie wonder when I was younger. My list is only a partial list. I could add so many more. Thank you so much for the visit.


    I look forward to reading your top 25 random things.


    If you are familiar with Pat O'Brien's, then I am sure you must know "exactly" how well I sing. LOL I loved living in New Orleans. As an adult I visited many times and had such a fabulous time. French Quarter, the Mississippi River, the Superdome, Mardi Gras, the trolley, the old much history...


    I have been lucky. I work with foreign students and disabled students, so I am constantly exposed to so many languages. I have even learned a few words in Chinese, Russian, Creole, Italian, French, Portuguese and many others. Working with deaf students also provides me with ASL practice and so I maintain some fluency. It's interesting that you too studied ASL. I wonder how much more we might have in common. I am on my way to read your post.

  13. Great list...I'm an exact 5, 14, 18, 19, a strong 20, and an even stronger 23-25. This was truly good reading...~Nards

  14. Interesting!
    I am always in awe of people who can pick up different languages.
    I have On Star in my car and when I would try to call out a phone number, the on star phone service couldn't understand my Southern drawl. My husband said that is pitiful when a machine can't understand you.
    Anyway, I guess if you can understand me, you could count me as another language. lol...Pamelaguese.
    Oh, I did know sign language in high school. I just never had an opportunity to use or practice it.(That was a long time ago.)

    Have a great day.

  15. I have lived in Arkansas now for nine years, but North Carolina is where my heart is too.


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