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Monday, December 29, 2008

Chapter 3: To Ski or Not To Ski

For beginning skiers like us, Appalachian Ski Mountain provides plenty of bunny slopes and mini bunny slopes where beginners can fall, trample over folks who are just standing around or crash into other skiers. Most people smile, help you up or just laugh at you and then walk away. After imitating a bowling ball last year and scoring strike after strike, I decided this year to spend more time practicing how to stop and turn.

Fortunately, my husband, the boys and I have mastered an organized routine once we arrive at the ski mountain. The ultimate goal...get on the slopes as quickly as possible.

My youngest tried snowboarding the first day. He eventually gave it up and by the second day was back on the skis. While I remained on the beginner's slope, he comfortably joined his older brother and father on the higher slope.

After resolving some technical difficulties, the guys headed back to the lift.

Although he flew down the slopes and took a few tumbles, my husband managed to communicate with his feet and hips once again. On this run, he swerved and stopped without incident. must be asking yourself where I am. Right? Well, I am the one behind the camera taking the pictures and enjoying the show. With my improved skiing abilities, I can now swerve (a bit) to the left side and stop on occasion if I concentrate hard enough and my feet and legs do as they are told. I have mastered the art of falling "with style" and I refuse to look around and ask anyone to help. I now know how to remove my skis when my legs are so twisted that if I move abruptly I may break something in the process.

Next stop Ober Gatlinburg. ski or not to ski...that is the question.....


  1. I enjoyed the photos. Skiing is such hard work and a great workout and my legs get really tired fast. I guess at this point in my life, I'm not ready to try again so I had a good time watching you and your family. Your photos brought back many fond memories.

  2. Mountain Woman

    My problem is that I have very skinny legs and therefore very weak ankles, so after awhile on the skis my ankles start to hurt and I retreat to the lockers and change over to my "beloved" boots. The workout-as long as I can stand-is enjoyably strenuous and I love it.

  3. I love all these photographs!

    When my father and stepmother lived in Vermont I attempted skiing (or maybe I just went to a ski lodge with them and watched other people ski. That's probably more likely). I think I will always be the person holding the camera or the cup of hot chocolate while other people ski!

    Best wishes for a peaceful and joyful happy new year!


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