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Friday, November 28, 2008

Hidden Talent

Since I possess such limited artistic talents and using Crayola crayons while coloring within the lines describes the extent of my abilities, I am always amazed at the hidden talents of some of my students, especially when it comes to the visual arts. In addition to gifted poets, song writers and musicians, there are always a few visual artists. This month Reflections Magazine featured three of my students who graciously submitted their art work for the world to see and enjoy. I hope you enjoy their creations as much as I did....


  1. Hi Mar - I liked Brenda's "Confused Mother" cat piece. I've always imagined cats in human poses.

  2. I looked at your students' paintings and they are all wonderful! My favorite is Brenda's second one of the "cat mother?". How delightful! As my daughter is also a painter (and I am anything but) I feel a kinship with you. Bravo!

  3. Very nice...thanks for sharing.


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