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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Florida US Representatives who voted "yes" on the Bail Out Bill

Wasserman Schultz


Do you want to know who voted yes in your state? Read the list on


  1. Always so much to ponder here. These are economically frightening times we are going through and you have explained the demise of our system well. I would love to see the 'trickle up' theory work (my own plan!). Give the $700 billion back to the American taxpayers and let the benefits trickle back up to the top. We in the middle or the bottom rung have worked hard to keep our country afloat, let us have the chance to improve our lifestyles and for a change get what we deserve as human beings.

  2. I did write our senators and I only heard back from Mel Martinez. He said he'd heard from thousands of Floridians on this issue because supposedly, Florida is one of the worst states hit with the housing problem. And he states that back in 2003 and again in 2005 people did warn something like this could happen down the road. I'll send you the transcript of his speech on the Senate floor if you like.

    I've yet to hear back from the other senator, and I've tried twice to write my representative, both times the government website has been down (heh, do you think they are calling their tech support in India to fix the problem?)

    From what I've read, there are people in government who have been warning for years that something like this could happen. Only the vast majority didn't listen.

  3. Hi Lala

    In fact, in 2005 John McCain tried to warn those who would listen. Unfortunately, no one listened. I would love to read what you mentioned. Post anything you like right here in the comment section for everyone to read.
    Thanks for stopping by and adding your input.


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