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Tuesday, September 23, 2008


We arrive, unload our bags and survey the scene.
It's beautiful... comfort, style and everything we need.
He looks around and before my eyes he vanishes.
He is gone.
We drive around, call out his name.
We are angry.
We are sad.
So we cry.
He is gone for good.

We contemplate the return home without him.

Exhaustion sets in and we must sleep.

The sky glows as the sun rises outside our window.
Another day without him.

Then without warning, he appears as a dark shadow on the front lawn.
Although in a strange place, he returns to us.
Lost and then found.

No longer angry, no longer sad, again we cry.


  1. And what a relief! Tears cover many occasions, from worry to sadness to joy. I have dreams sometimes that one of my dogs (now long dead) has gone missing. I'm glad yours showed up again.

  2. This must be about Woody! You know, this is what free spirits do. They come and go as they choose...and this was to make sure that you realize that you do not own him. Glad he's back. Another thing about free spirits...they also know where home is... - Nards

  3. Yes, we left on a short weekend escape to Sanibel Island and as soon as we arrived at the home, Woody decided to escape. We searched until 2 am but nothing. The island is small and we were on the water, but we weren't sure we would ever find him. Maybe he drowned, was eaten by an alligator, hit by a car or captured by an island native...all ideas that crossed my mind that very long night.

    At around 6 am, my son spotted him running on the front lawn. We all hugged him and cried.
    We spent a very joyous day on the water, fishing and watching the dolphins dance next to our boat. Pictures and story coming soon...

  4. You obviously have a very "special" pet who knows where he belongs. Beautifully written.

  5. I am so happy that Woody returned. I know how we all get attached to our pets.
    When my boys were growing up they always had a dog companion with them everywhere they went. We all have wonderful memories of those times.
    Now we lucky to have BoDog!
    Have a great day.

  6. Wow I really like this. It's the simplicity of it that touched me. I also love what Nards said. I could not say it any better. Free spirits especially return to those who don't chain or bind. Such a sweet beautiful post.

  7. If Woody could talk, oh, the stories he would tell!


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