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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Who Killed the Electric Car?

I am curious. How many of you would drive an electric car if the car was affordable and reliable? What if driving this electric car meant that you would NEVER have to use gasoline and therefore eliminate your dependency on foreign oil, no oil changes or major maintenance, no pollution. What if instead of exporting 700 billion American dollars every year to pay for the oil we consume, we kept that money in America and used it to improve our own country? If your car was fueled by a battery and manufactured in America, would you buy this car?

The above is an excerpt from the film Who Killed the Electric Car?
I watched this film twice this week on Starz and I was left speechless.
If you miss it on cable or satellite TV, please rent the DVD and watch it.
I would love to know what you think.

Plug In America
"Plug In America advocates the use of plug-in vehicles
powered by cleaner, cheaper, domestic electricity to reduce our nation's dependence on petroleum
and improve the global environment."


  1. Will have to look for that movie, I would definitely drive an electric car or a hybrid... just a cost issue. so we walk, or bike when we can.

  2. We could never drive such small cars. I have four children, and when we go to the grocery store, the minivan fills up. If I drove those tiny electric cars, I'd have to go to the store every day, and that would kind of defeat the idea of efficiency.

    Also, my husband uses our minivan for work-- he's a postman. Postmen must have larger vehicles.

    I think the smart cars are for city dwellers, but city dwellers have public transportation, so why get a car? For us rural dwellers, who are hauling hay, lumber, a month's worth of food, wood, and kids... those little electric cars wouldn't get us around the block.

  3. Hi Sassy mama bear

    I agree cost is a big issue. Some of these new experimental/hybrid/electric cars are expensive in comparison to the usual car. My point is--what if the electric car was priced comparable to the gasoline powered cars? Then, we you be more tempted to buy one?

    You are lucky than you can walk or bike. Where I live riding the bike, walking or even catching the bus is not an option. I have to drive a car. Thanks so much for your visit.

  4. Hi Mrs. Mecomber

    I too have children, a dog and have little access to public transportation, so I agree with you a small car will not do for me either. In fact I currently drive a fuel efficient mid sized SUV and my husband drives a pick up truck.

    Just because the first electric cars were small does not mean the next generation of electric cars has to be small. In fact, what if the electric car were the size of a mini van or mid size SUV? What if it has ample space for the kids, dog, groceries, baseball equipment or hay? Then, would you drive that electric car? Or would you still need the one powered by gasoline?

    I am not in the car business. I don't even own a hybrid. I was just left so captivated by the information in the film that I wanted to get some feedback from my readers.

    In fact, I believe there is a Cadillac hybrid and a Tahoe hybrid too. Sean Hannity drives a hybrid SUV, so they must exist. Unfortunately these cars are probably very very expensive.
    Perhaps that too can change one day.

    Thanks so much for stopping by and pointing out some of the weaknesses in existing electric or hybrid cars.

  5. I would be happy to drive an electric car. I presently have a 2-door coupe used for around town. I think I could substitute an electric car for my needs once the price comes down and I will.

  6. I would buy one but unfortunately TPTB made the decision to kill all technologies (including Hydrogen) that would take OPEC out of control. Sigh...

  7. I think you make valuable points and if available in the size I needed and the price range I would need, I would most definately own one. I would even get the smaller version for my husband to drive to work. One of the major car companies needs to get on this.

  8. Interesting video...

    I drive a I need the space to cart my gear for the markets I do but if they ever came up with an electric/hybrid van I would certainly take a hard look at it!!!

    Cheers links are definitly back to white...I explained why in my reply to your comment...H

  9. There are lots of these little cars driving the Berkeley streets (and lots of hybrids, too), as well as all kinds of bikes, some modified to fit trailers. This town is just set up to support some of this technology.

    Would I drive an electric car? If I drove, perhaps ;)

  10. I would drive one no matter what size it was. I mean am I serious about cleaning up our air or not? I am very serious about it. We already share one car by choice and use bike and public when we can as well. So YES! Count me in! :) :) REALLY GOOD question! Thanks so much Mar for bringing these things to light.


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