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Saturday, August 16, 2008

It Has Begun!

Well, it's official. School starts on Monday, and while I prepare the boys for their first day of classes, I also find myself preparing for Tropical Storm Fay which may, according to the National Hurricane Center, turn into a minor hurricane.

After watching the news last night, I made a mental list of things I needed to buy, so this morning I headed to the supermarket expecting long lines and no food on the shelves. I was surprised to find ample parking and no lines at the checkout. However, as I made my way over to the bottled water section, I had to move in quickly, for there were only a few jugs of water left. A lady next to me seemed confused as she asked me where all the water had gone. Then, I calmly turned to her and said, "hurricane?" She had no idea that there was a storm in the Caribbean and Florida was in the cone. Even the cashier seemed unaware of the pending storm. After surviving Hurricane Andrew and several other minor hurricanes that have come through, Floridians do not seem to panic over a category 1 hurricane I guess. I find it difficult to relax and sit back though. I cannot erase the vivid images of the destruction in 1992, the neighborhoods that were flattened for miles and miles, the people left homeless and the many who lost their lives.

I can only pray and hope that some miraculous intervention causes Tropical Storm Fay to dissipate as it makes its way out to sea.


  1. Even in my relatively news-free world, I had heard about this potential hurricane and immediately thought about you and your family. I'll be thinking about you and paying attention to the Florida news and weather over the next few days (and over the entire hurricane season).

    For some reason, the only expression I can think of is that I hope things blow over, which seems very inappropriate! But you know what I mean ...

  2. I'm guilty of ignoring tornado warnings. When a warning hits, a siren will sound throughout town and you're supposed to go to the basement. I usually just shrug and continue whatever I was doing on the top floor of the house.

  3. Good luck on the new school year. I really hope that Tropical Storm Fay doesn't turn into a hurricane. On the other hand, the projected path also goes straight through Georgia right over where I live. It would be wonderful to have a good rain to fill the ponds,creeks,wells and water reservoirs back up.
    Have a great and safe week!

  4. I guess I should get some water today too. Depending on what happens after Fay leaves Cuba we could have a problem here on the East Coast.

  5. Wow, I can't believe they hadn't heard about it. It's been all over the news.

    Good luck and be safe!

  6. Heartfelt best wishes to your, yours and everyone else in the path of the projected hurricane...I just checked CNN and it is expected to go through central Florida

    Like you I would find it difficult to go about my daily life knowing what could be upon us soon!!

    Be safe!!!

  7. Dear Mar, I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers. And pray this thing is either not a bad one or it moves further out to sea, away from you.

    I do think you are very smart being prepared. Have you ever thought of having one of those filter jugs or hand pump water filter so that you could drink any water if needed. Or store huge jugs of tap water that only need filtering. The filters are not expensive. I have one for camping and they last forever.

    I loved your BEAUTIFUL comment on my post. So elegant and magical in itself. It's funny the way you described me with the butterflies all around me was the way I saw myself after my hike when I happened to glance in the bathroom mirror. Until then I only knew how I felt, which was wild and free and somewhat feral in a healthy way. Basically in nature I completely forget myself and am only aware of my surroundings. I think I become my surroundings.

    Again, your comment was stunning. And YES! You are surrounded by magic. I've thought that about you many times. :)


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