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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Hello Sun; Goodbye Rain

Thanks to all of you who sent your good wishes my way. Although the wind persists, the sky has begun to clear. Even the sun has come out of hiding. The two extra days away from school provided the neighborhood kids a little more time for play and relaxation, but tomorrow the extended summer break ends and school begins. Finally, some normalcy and routine will enter my life as I too prepare to go back to school.

Please send special thoughts and prayers to the folks in Central and Northern Florida as they now deal with Tropical Storm Fay.


  1. Ours is just getting started (well, it's been going heavy for about the last three hours)

    From the newest models, it looks like it might be passing right over us on its way out to sea.

  2. I was very very glad to read this. I am SO happy for you. I thought about this storm tonight while doing errands and am overjoyed that you are safe. Big blessing, huh?

  3. I am so glad to hear that the storm passed without much incident.

    Hope your kids had a good first day of school and that you are feeling great about your upcoming school year.

    Looking forward to catching up!

    (I apologize if this is a repost of a comment -- thought I posted earlier, but blogspot may have eaten my words)

  4. Happy to hear you are safe and life is starting to return to "normal" normal as can be after such a storm!

    I was watching on the news and was wishing everyone safety!!!

    Best wishes to all!


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