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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

To Laugh Like This

As I visited Shiv's Brain I stumbled upon one of my favorite television clips in one of his posts entitled 25 Things That Make Me Laugh. Very few things or people make me laugh. I have a very tiny sense of humor, but when I do laugh, I really laugh so hard that I cry.

My brother and I used to love The Three Stooges. We spent hours watching those black and white shows on our little black and white television set when we lived in Louisiana and New Jersey. Perhaps it was the silliness or the poking and pushing we enjoyed, for it surely was not the setting, dialog or plot.

No matter how much we loved The Three Stooges, Abbott and Costello were always our favorite funny guys. This classic clip will forever be my favorite. Tears still roll from my eyes as I sit back and laugh uncontrollably. It feels so good to laugh like this.


  1. Here's something very weird about me. The rest of my family memebrs laughed their faces off at The Three Stooges and at Abbott & Costello. People all over the world, yourself included thought they were funny. I didn't find either interesting enough to watch for more than a few moments and they didn't make me laugh.

    I've always felt uncomfortable about the fact that things that make other people laugh do nothing for me. However, I don't recall ever saying so before.

  2. what a lovely post and "to laugh like this" could be a blockbuster movie title. I'm glad you got to. and I don't know that senses of humor are large or small - they just are, no?

    to time thief: I don't get them either. I mean I chuckle, but... even more heretical, I don't totally get lucy either. Shoot later please.

  3. Hi Mar, I was intrigued by this post because I found it interesting to read this little bit about your nature....what made you laugh. I remember my brother's laughing over the 3 Stoogers and Abbot and Costello but I never did. I would get very frustrated watching them. I didn't even laugh over comic strips in the newspaper, which my brothers did laugh over. I used to wonder if there was something the matter with me. And yet as an adult I laugh over sooooooooooo many things. My sweetheart and I are always laughing. But he, like you, loved the 3 Stoogers and A&C. I always find it interesting what makes one person laugh but not another. It would be a fun study. Hope you are enjoying your summer!

  4. Hi Timethief

    You are not weird; I am weird. My husband and I stared at the screen today, watched both videos and a few more we found on YouTube and laughed like two silly fools. There is definitely something wrong with "us." :)

    Hi Washwords

    Thanks for the visit. I too am fond of the title I chose. Catchy, isn't it?

    You are right; you either have it or you don't. You can't be "sort of pregnant or sort of dead." So, I guess you can't have a tiny sense of humor. However, I can only describe my sense of humor as "tiny." I rarely understand most jokes and I find most comedies quite dull and boring unless Tom Hanks is staring in them, of course. :)

    Hi Robin
    Thanks for the visit. My experience has been quite opposite from yours. I laughed a lot when I was a child, but I don't laugh as much anymore.
    Don't get me wrong. I smile a lot, feel good and positive, but laughter, real laughter that makes me feel tingly all over? No...not too often.

    Maybe I should start! Now there is a great idea.

    May you all have a fantastic summer!

  5. I enjoy having a good laugh (as long as it isn't hurting anyone).

    I truelly believe that laughter is the best medicine in the world. If someone could bottle this up, we would all have a great time each day and it would do wonders for our overall health!

  6. What a relief it is to know that others didn't always laugh either. Like Robin I didn't cotton to newspaper cartoons either. I never even bothered to watch TV cartoons that everyone else was so addicted to. But my husband and I do a lot of joking around and laughing together so I guess I'm okay. :)

  7. Thanks for sharing! We weren't allowed to look at either. My parents didn't like the antics of either set. Like timethief, I must confess that I didn't care too much for them either. However, they still are a part of Americana and I believe to be mostly a "boy" thing - Nards


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